Hagen Mills ‘terrorized’ nurse ex-girlfriend for years before shooting her in the chest- but she’s ‘going to be okay’ – The Sun

BASKETS actor Hagen Mills allegedly “terrorized” his nurse ex-girlfriend, Erica Price, for years before shooting her in the chest and then turning the gun on himself in an attempted murder-suicide.

Erica’s mom, Tammy Green-Price, told DailyMail that the troubled actor believed his ex-girlfriend was dead before killing himself in front of their 4-year-old daughter.

Tammy, 55, was watching Hagen, 29, and Erica’s daughter, Mila, on Tuesday night in Mayfield, Kentucky when he forced his way into the home.

She alleged: “He knocked on the door. I thought it was my son but when I saw who it was I tried to shut it. He shoved his way in and I saw he had a pistol. He pointed the gun but he said he wasn't going to hurt me, he just wanted to come in and wait.”

She claimed Hagen tied up her arms with duct tape, as he waited 30 minutes behind the front door for Erica to return home.

When she returned home, Hagen jumped out and begged her to take him back.

She explained: “He stepped out so she could see the gun. She told him, 'I'll go anywhere, I'll do anything.'

"Erica was doing everything she could to get him out of there and away from us. But he grabbed her phone and saw something on it and just said 'oh no'. That's when he raised his gun.

“He shot her twice from no further than ten feet away. She collapsed as she ran around the corner but he didn't see her get up as he shot himself immediately.”

Erica was shot at point-blank range in the arm and chest.

Tammy told the outlet: “She ran round the corner to try to hide but collapsed. There was blood everywhere.

“I thought I was next. But the baby was behind me and my only real thought was to shield her. I somehow managed to nudge her down on the couch then closed my eyes and prepared to die.”

Tammy then “heard the gun go off” and “heard his body hitting the floor.”

She continued: “I finally opened my eyes and realized I was alive.

“I think he believed she was dead, as soon as she hit the floor he shot himself."

Erica, an advanced practice nurse, dragged herself to the bedroom and called 911. She is expected to recover.

Tammy said their daughter Mila was “terrified” and “hysterical” during the ordeal.

Mayfield Police Department confirmed to The Sun that authorities responded to a shooting at the residence on Tuesday.

The Chief of Police said: "When Officers arrived, they were met outside the residence by Erica Price with gunshot wounds to her arm and chest. Price was able to tell Officers that the gunman, Hagen Mills, was still inside, and had turned the gun on himself.

"Through investigation, it was learned that Price's mother and young daughter, whom she shared in common with Mills, were held in the residence by Mills until Price returned home.

“When Price entered the residence, she was shot by Mills, before he turned the gun on himself. Price's mother and daughter were not physically injured during the incident.”

Tammy continued that Hagen was a “very troubled soul.”

She added: “I would love to talk about what an awful person he is, but there's no point in that. The important thing is that my daughter is going to be ok. She's stable but in isolation because of COVID.”

"She's a beautiful person, she's a very giving, kind soul. She has never bothered anybody.”

Tammy continued that Hagen was a “failed actor” who lived between Kentucky and Los Angeles, where he and Erica lived for two years.

When they split, Erica moved back to Kentucky with their daughter.

Tammy claimed: “He's been terrorizing my daughter for months, years actually. He was obsessed with her. He was stalking her. I don't know how much the police know because she was a very private person.

“He was driving over to the house to see if she had company, coming here in the middle of the night. He was calling her constantly and showing up at her work.

According to Graves County Jail records confirmed by The Sun, Hagen was arrested for domestic violence in 2018 and wanton endangerment in 2017. 

On March 30, 2020, he was arrested for rape in the first degree, sodomy in the first degree, domestic violence, kidnapping, endangerment, possession of meth, possession of paraphernalia and more charges. 

Tammy told the outlet she is “very, very angry” about the situation.

She said: “Everyone failed here. The authorities failed by offering this man bail. His family failed by getting him out but not giving him the mental health help he needed.

“But maybe when a troubled child does something horrific, the right thing to do is to leave him in jail.”

Hagen appeared in Baskets, Swedish Dicks and other small roles.

He is also in an indie horror film, Star Light, set to be released in August.

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