Halle Berry Shares Coronavirus Hair Nightmare — Plus, How Pierce Brosnan Saved Her Life on Set

The “Bruised” star shares how she absolutely and completely failed to bring the sexy in a key moment while filming “Die Another Day.”

Halle Berry arrived just in time with an important lesson for Jimmy Fallon’s young daughter Winnie, as the six-year-old interrupted their "Tonight Show" interview twice!

The mother of a daughter twice Winnie’s age, Halle had some key advice for the young girl about the importance of maintaining good hygiene and taking care of yourself even during self-isolation … even if you’re not leaving the house for days and weeks at a time.

It turns out that’s a piece of advice Halle’s daughter Nahla had stopped heeding. And being a tween that already knows everything her parents could ever hope to teacher, and better, thank you very much, she was definitely not interested in any help from mom.

That pre-teen defiance manifested when Nahla decided that she was too old for Halle to be brushing her hair anymore. "She’s like, No, don’t touch me, I can handle it, I’m a tween, I don’t need you to brush my hair," Halle shared with Jimmy. "So I’m like, Cool, I won’t brush your hair."

Finally, though, Nahla had to relent and get her mother back involved in the whole hair situation. "She goes, Mom, I’m scared to tell you this, but touch the back of my head," Halle said.

When she did so, she discovered that Nahlah’s hair had "shrunken up into a tight ball that feels like matted fur." Halle said she couldn’t even stick her finger through it, but she tried to play it down to alleviate her daughter’s growing panic.

"She’s screaming and I’m like, Honey, oh god, oh god," Halle admitted. "And I’m trying to stay calm, like okay, this is cool, let’s just go in the shower, put some conditioner on it, this is gonna be cool."

But it was not cool. "Get in the shower, 30 minutes later, it’s getting tighter," Halle said. So the final result? "I had to shave it off."

When Jimmy asked if Nahla was cool with this result, Halle said, "She was not cool with that, but it was our only option. But now she gets it." Some lessons are harder learned than others, but then they are most definitely learned.

When Winnie swung through for her second interruption of the interview, she hit right at the tail end of this story, and her eyes opened wide in horror when Halle told her the part about having to shave the back of Nahla’s head. She quickly nodded when Fallon asked if she now understood why it’s so important to brush her own hair every day.

Later, while talking about the various injuries Halle has sustained through her career — including more broken ribs for her directorial debut and starring performance in the upcoming MMA film "Bruised" — Halle admitted that her most embarrassing moment during filming wasn’t any of her fight scenes or stunts she performed herself.

Instead, it was a moment she was trying to be sexy on camera, something the 53-year-old beauty has seemingly never had a problem with. Hilariously, it happened during one of her steamiest roles opposite one of the sexiest action stars on the planet, Pierce Brosnan in "Die Another Day."

"I was supposed to be all sexy and trying to seduce him with a fig, and then I end up choking on it," Halle laughed. "And he had to get up and do the heimlich. So not sexy, like so not sexy."

The important thing was that the world’s foremost super-spy leapt into action and knew exactly what to do. "James Bond knows how to heimlich," Halle said. "He was there for me."

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