Hannah Brown Reunites with Her Family in Alabama After Weeks in Florida with Tyler Cameron

A few days later, they posted a TikTok of themselves playing Spin the Bottle.

“All right, the moment we’ve all been waiting for,” Cameron said in the video. “A little Spin the Bottle with old Hannah Brown! Here goes nothing.”

The shot then cut to Cameron, looking extremely eager, and Brown, looking anxious. But instead of landing on Brown, the bottle landed in the direction of one of Cameron’s friends, who wagged his tongue excitedly at the camera.

Although Cameron and Brown — who also took a trip to Florida after Cameron’s mother suddenly died of a brain aneurysm in February — have not publicly addressed the status of their relationship, a source told PEOPLE last month that they will always be close.

“It meant a lot to him that she came to support him in his time of need,” said the source. “They went through this crazy ride on The Bachelorette together in front of the whole world and will always be bonded because of it.”

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