Harry Redknapp 'feels deceived' being filmed charging charities £20k in sting

Harry Redknapp has broken his silence to say he was ‘misled’ by a Channel 4 documentary where he’s seen charging £20,000 to support a charity online.

TheI’m A Celebrity star, alongside Caitlyn Jenner, becomes the unwittingcentre-piece in Dispatches new expose special Celebs For Sale: The GreatCharity Scandal, where his reps are seen asking for a £20k fee to back acharity.

Charging£15,000 for one Instagram post and a further £5,000 for a photoshoot, the dealis made and the star is soon seen holding the ‘charity’s’ merch on social media,backing fake cause CUPPA – which ‘aims to stop plastic pollution in Africa’.

Butfollowing the news breaking of his involvement in the sting, Harry’s reps havenow released a statement condemning the series for being misleading.

Aspokesperson for Harry Redknapp said: ‘As everyone knows, Harry does a massiveamount of work for Charities big and small, and has done for many years, whichhe doesn’t charge for.  

‘He is disappointed that he was deceived into believing that private investors wanted to engage his services, and would not have accepted payment if he had been told this was being paid for by the charity in question.’

‘Harry’s 2019 theatre tours raised over £160,000 for charity, and is doing the same again this year,’ they continued.

‘Harryis shocked and upset that he was misled in this way and is donating the moneyhe was paid to the charities he works with so that it can be put to good use.’

Thedocumentary will air on Channel 4 tonight and will see both Harry and Caitlyn’speople set up lucrative deals for single Instagram posts to promote charitiesonline.

Caitlyn’speople also stated that she felt ‘taken advantage of’ and it overlooks theother charity work that she does.

‘Theclaims by Channel 4 that Caitlyn Jenner is non- charitable are false,defamatory, and hurtful. In general terms, the allegations are false becauseCaitlyn is a strong believer in the spirit of charitable giving.  

‘Shewas taken advantage of and exploited by a secret camera crew pretending to be acharity – her only intention was to promote the “charity”.’

‘Shehas worked tirelessly to raise money for and to promote many charitable causes,’they added.

‘In2016, she set up her own charity, The Caitlyn Jenner Foundation, whose missionis to promote equality and combat discrimination by providing grants toorganizations that empower and improve the lives of transgender people(including youth), provide support to bullying victims, help to preventsuicide, and provide healthcare, housing and employment support.’

Theyadded that the money she earned from her Instagram post – which could have costup to £60,000 – has also been donated to her foundation.

Dispatches – Celebs For Sale: The Great Charity Scandal airs Monday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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