Here Are Some Dumb Jokes, Courtesy of The Masked Singer


Much of Hollywood may be dealing with uncertainty right at this moment in the face of the pandemic that’s sweeping the globe, but we can all rest easy about one little thing: The Masked Singer will go on. 

This is only because the season finished filming in February, but it means that our weekly insane guessing games will continue until all of the singers have been unmasked and we can all rest easy knowing who else was up on that stage with Sarah Palin, Tony Hawk, and Chaka Khan. 

Tonight, Ken Jeong‘s best frenemy and Masked Singer panel veteran Joel McHale returns to help the panel out with their guesses, and it’s the T-Rex that really sends him over the edge. 

“I just wanna say that this is my first time back on The Masked Singer since season two, and it’s nice to see that this show is totally normal now,” he says, while Ken heckles him. 

Joel’s got some thoughts on the T-Rex’s rather energetic performance (we’ve seen it, and that’s an understated description), and Robin Thicke’s got some bad jurassic jokes to go along with those thoughts, all of which you can see in the video below. 

The T-Rex is part of the final group of singers who made their debut on the show last week, also including the Swan, the Rhino, the Astronaut, and the Night Angel. The Bear, who performed “Baby Got Back,” was immediately revealed to be Sarah Palin, and we’ve been questioning our reality ever since. 

You can keep up with all the reveals, clues, and remaining singers below! 

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The Robot: Lil Wayne

The first reveal of the season was the biggest star yet: Lil Wayne!

The Robot had lots of science references, including a periodic table, since he’s had so many records go platinum, but the clues were sort of irrelevant. It’s hard to mistake that voice. 

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The Llama: Drew Carey

The Llama appears to be a comedian on the radio (23.3 The Wool), and he really likes Seattle. He’s a fan of the movie Ghost

The panel decided it couldn’t be Howard Stern and guessed David Spade and Joel McHale. The internet immediately went Kelsey Grammar, because of the Seattle of it all, Danny Bonaduce, and Drew Carey. Though David Spade did play a man who turned into a llama in The Emperor’s New Groove

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Miss Monster: Chaka Khan

Miss Monster’s got a big ol’ crush on the Monster/T-Pain, and she seems to have struggled with having to look and act a certain way in public. In week two, her clues heavily referenced royalty. In week three, she revealed she had performed with Robin Thicke. 

She sounds exactly like Chaka Khan, though some on the internet also hear some Tina Turner. She is not Dolly Parton, as Ken Jeong guessed. Sorry Ken. 

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The Elephant: Tony Hawk

He’s somebody with a passion who went from canvassing park benches to leading the charge of a massive movement, parading through the White House. Clues included two blue birds and 10 cent ice cream and a little bit of voguing, and he’s just an OK singer. 

Panel guesses included Lance Armstrong, Travis Barker, and Tommy Lee, as well as Beto O’Rourke, but no one got exactly there. 


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The Mouse: Dionne Warwick

She’s small and cute and might have something to do with football. Clues include the Warriors, 1979, and gold. She’s a good singer with an older-sounding voice. 

Guesses included Darlene Love, Dionne Warwick, Maya Rudolph. 


The Taco: Tom Bergeron

The Taco says he’s been a comforting part of our lives for decades. Clues include VHS tapes, an anchor, a Rubix cube, and a trolley. His second set of clues included a lot of dancing. He’s a pretty good singer with a very old school kind of voice. 

Nicole guessed Regis Philbin, who is currently 88 years old and retired. Ken guessed Martin Short, and Bob Saget was also guessed. And now, all we can hear is Tom Bergeron. 

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The Bear: Sarah Palin

She’s a hunter and she’s been hunted, she’s a mama bear who’s been in hibernation and who’s tired of the “phony baloney” and it’s so obviously Sarah Palin that the fact that she then sang/rapped “Baby Got Back” was beyond shocking. 


Night Angel

WTF’s a Night Angel? She loves the night, has felt deeply blessed her whole life, and doors always open for her. Motel door numbers are 4, 5, and 6, with a 2 on her key. Ducks? Gangster grandmas? Who even knows, but she’s a good singer. 

Guesses included Taylor Dayne, Monica, Lil’ Kim. 


The Astronaut

He’s a long way from home, there’s a broom, and a foot bone, and a box of tools? He referenced Pitch Perfect at one point, and he is a pretty good singer. He started at a young age. 

Ken thinks it’s Josh Hutcherson. Lance Bass and Zac Efron were also guesses. 

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The T-Rex

She was part of a group, a sisterhood, and then a cataclysmic event happened that changed her world forever. The letter U? 

Is it just us or does this T-Rex just exude Jojo Siwa? Ken thinks it’s a Kardashian and Jenny is closer with Maddie Ziegler, but we just feel like it’s Jojo Siwa. She sounds like Jojo Siwa, both when she talks and when she sings. 


The Rhino

He was addicted to being on top, but he got the help he needed to get back on his ride. “Is that butterflies?” Nicole asked. He’s got an unexpected voice!

Jenny guessed Jason Aldean, Ken guessed Tim Tebow. 


The Swan

She’s got “horror vibes” as Jenny said. There are vampire teeth, and she’s felt shame, and she’s “rerun and no fun,” and “euphoric, flush with fever.” She likes to do things fast. Also a good singer! 

Ken guessed Nina Dobrev, which no. Nicole guessed Jennifer Love Hewitt. Robin guessed Sarah Michelle Gellar. 

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Super 9: The Frog

The Frog can clearly move and rap. His clues included a “newsflash,” leftovers, $106, and a poster from the 1996 Olympics. 

Our first guess is Bow Wow, who hosted 106 & Park and can obviously rap. Jenny guessed Olympic athletes Michael Johnson, and Nicole was sure it was someone she knows, though she couldn’t figure out who, then she settled on Ray J. Robin guessed Omarion, and another new guess is Alfonso Rib(bit)eiro. 


Super 9: The Kitty

The Kitty is tired of being seen as what she once was, instead of who she is now. She wants to wipe the slate clean. Clues include a telescope with a wizard, rose petals, and a stage. She likes to sew “a modern dress for a family member’s ball,” and transformations ring a bell for her. She’s a pretty good singer, too, and says this is a side no one has ever seen before. 

Panel guesses originally included Julianne Hough, Paris Hilton, and Nicole Richie, then changed to Ariel Winter or Sarah Hyland and Amanda Seyfried. Sarah Hyland sounds close to us, or maybe Lucy Hale, though we’d expect a lot more PLL clues. 


Super 9: The Banana

Banana’s a bit of a partyer, says he’s tough on the outside but a smoothie on the inside. Clues include a blue collar, a blowfish, rodeo, lots of fruits and vegetables. He was offered a rebrand at one point, and the numbers 2, 13, 6, 8, 9, and 15 showed up. He’s got an unexpectedly good voice. 

Guesses include Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, Ed Helms, and Darius Rucker. 

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Super 9: The White Tiger

It’s official: The White Tiger cannot sing, and he can only sort of rap. He’s clearly huge and likely an athlete, and is a “clam shucking” champion, which makes you think of New England. He loves a celebration dance.

Jamie Foxx guessed Rob Gronkowski and the panelists continued that guess in week two. Gronk is from upstate NY, he’s a football champ, and “Ice Ice Baby” seems exactly like a song he’d sing.


Super 9: The Turtle

He’s definitely got some singing chops, and he took things “step by step” while others crashed and burned. He also grills burgers, and he likes to surf OR he won a Teen Choice Award. He says he and Nicole Scherzinger spent a morning together. 

It sounds like Jesse McCartney, Jesse McCartney has multiple Teen Choice Awards, was in the boyband Dream Street, and spent a morning with Nicole (and the Pussycat Dolls) on The Today Show in 2008. It’s gotta be Jesse McCartney. 


Super 9: The Kangaroo

The Kangaroo is a tough one! She lost someone close to her, “by her own admission” found herself in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, and now she wants to bounce back. She references her bullies and being a survivor, and her little brother is so proud of her. 

A lot of people immediately went for Jordyn Woods, who lost her father recently and then found herself in an unfortunate spotlight, but that voice does NOT sound like Jordyn to us. It also doesn’t sound like Tatyana Ali, one of the panel guesses. She has stumped us.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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