Holly Willoughby reveals This Morning’s new summer background to cheer up viewers during coronavirus outbreak – The Sun

HOLLY Willoughby has revealed This Morning's new summer backdrop to help viewers battle through coronavirus.

Along with co-host Phillip Schofield, the 39-year-old unveiled the brighter window setting during Wednesday's live show.

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Opening up the segment, Phillip, 57, announced the team had been working on a new backdrop to help lighten the mood amid the deadly virus.

Pointing to the original grey-tinted backdrop, he said: "It's winter time out there now. From now, from this day forward, every day outside that window until we come through this, it's going to be summer. Let's turn all that into summer and there it is."

The screen then changed colour to show a summer's day.

Holly added: "Instantly doesn't that make you feel better? Somehow just that bit of greenery feels quite nice."

Phil continued: "It's summer out of the window."

Holly said: "If you're self-isolating, you're in a flat or you haven't got access to open space – use our window. Look at all that, it's beautiful."

The River Thames backdrop has remained the same thanks to a plasma screen after the show's move to Television Centre in White City, West London in 2018.

Following the move, Holly and Phil joked there was no difference.

They said at the time: “You shouldn’t really be able to tell any difference.”

While Holly added: “It’s the same but just slightly bigger.”

The new summer backdrop comes days after Prime Minister Boris Johnson instructed everyone to self-isolate by stopping non-essential travel and contact with others.

The UK death toll for coronavirus has risen to 72 and the number of recorded cases stands at 1,590.

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