Holly Willoughby shares secret wardrobe malfunction she had live on GMB

Holly Willoughby has revealed that she suffered an awkward wardrobe blunder while appearing briefly on Good Morning Britain.

The 39-year-old presenter took to her Instagram stories after her live appearance to laugh at the wardrobe disaster.

Filmed by her This Morning co-star Phillip Schofield, 57, in the This Morning studio, Holly giggled as she showed the camera her blunder.

Phillip told followers: "If there's one thing that goes to prove that presenters should not be allowed to dress themselves…"

A Phillip burst into laughter, Holly took over the camera to explain what had happened as the pair giggled away.

Holly said: "I'm dressed. I'm ready to go. I was just on GMB and then my stylist texted me going 'morning, hope you're OK, loving the show, one thing, the buttons on your right arm are covered in a coating. I think it might be tissue paper.'"

Bringing her arms together so her elbows touched, Holly showed off the difference between the buttons.

Between giggles she said: "So there's the shiny ones. I've just gone on telly like that."

Phillip added: "We seriously should not be let loose on our own."

While appearing on GMB, Holly left viewers in tears of laughter after she clapped back at Piers Morgan following a comment he made about her outfit.

Speaking to Holly, Piers said: "Your spring wardrobe has obviously arrived."

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Holly wasn't impressed though, as she fired back: "Thank you Piers. That's the important thing right now."

The blonde beauty was, of course, referring to the coronavirus, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson telling the UK that it was on lockdown last night

With more and more changes coming to day-to-day life, Piers laughed and told Holly: "It's whatever gets us through right now."

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