Hollyoaks fans fear for Warren after Liam ordered a brutal assault on his rival – The Sun

HOLLYOAKS fans were in shock as Warren Fox was brutally assaulted by Liam Donovan's henchmen.

The no-nonsense bad boy was attacked by a group of Liam's cronies and was left alone and unconscious in an alley.

Tonight's episode began with Warren desperate to find Liam.

His lover and owner of the public house The Dog in the Pond Mercedes, pleaded with him to not make the situation any worse.

However, a seething Warren remained hellbent on "ending" his nemesis and putting an end to their feud once and for all.

What he didn't know was that Liam overheard his threats and set off to find a way to beat him to the punch.

Liam's sister Grace Black received a visit from Warren, who demanded to know where he was.

Opting to protect her brother, Grace said she hadn't seen him, only for the gangster to emerge from on the staircase once Warren had stormed out.

He promised the club owner he would stay out of trouble, but that was short-lived as he paid Maxine Kinsella a visit at the salon.

He claimed she "owed" him and stole money from the till to pay his goons to carry out the job on Warren.

Whilst in the pub with Mercedes, a drunk-looking man stumbled in demanding a drink.

Mercedes denied him and ordered her beau to take the man outside whilst he waited for his cab.

As the car pulled up, Warren noticed several men step out and make a beeline for him.

A confused Warren asked: "Hang on a minute, how do you know my name's Warren, and we didn't order a cab", as he realised he was in danger and had been set up.

"Liam Donovan told me when he gave me the job, come on then have a good day, because it's your last one on earth!", the hitman who pretended to be a random drunkard yelled back.

The beaten Warren was later found and the ambulance came on the scene.

A horrified Mercedes arrived and immediately confronted Liam who watched on in the background.

He cruelly hoped Warren would "snuff it in the ambulance" and thanked Mercedes for giving him a "devilishly good idea", as he walked away to plot his next evil move.

Fans feared for Warren after he was pictured in a heap with cuts and bruises all over his face.

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