Hollyoaks spoilers: Charlie targeted as village’s new drug dealer by evil Jordan – The Sun

HOLLYOAKS' evil drug dealer Jordan Price has his sights set on Charlie Dean to join his illegal gang.

Teaser images released for upcoming episodes of the Channel 4 soap see Connor Calland's character following Charlie as he heads to school in his uniform.

Charlie Behan's character can be seen tentatively standing in front of Jordan, before the pair have a confrontation in a brick alleyway.

Jordan had initially intended to rope Sid Sumner and Juliet Quinn in for his latest plot yet, after finding out they were on a school trip, set his sights on vulnerable Charlie.

He has already posed as Sid to message Charlie in an online game, yet is taking things one step further by bombarding him with messages.

The pair then agree to meet in secret yet it is unclear what the outcome will be.

Soap fans will have to wait and see whether cash-strapped Charlie is lured in, yet he is already in a vulnerable state, feeling alone and isolated from, his family.

Meanwhile, Jordan's track record of securing strong helpers for his drug gang hasn't exactly gone to plan.

Sid's girlfriend Juliet had been an ally of Jordan's but he was forced to plead with his cousin to let her leave the gang.

This came when Juliet was arrested by PC George Kiss with intent to sell narcotics.

Juliet had been forced to deal drugs at a number of different schools as Jordan set his sights on flooding the village with illicit goods through a county lines operation.

The teen was drawn into the crime boss’s dodgy world after flushing his expensive stash down the loo.

Viewers then watched Jordan insist she’d have to pay back the £500 that she’d cost him.

Hollyoaks fans will have to wait and see whether Jordan's recruitment drive is successful, and if Charlie suffers the same fate.

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