Inside Luisa Zissman’s incredible ‘granny flat’ at the end of her huge garden as she jokes she wishes she could be alone – The Sun

LUISA Zissman has shown off her lavish "granny flat" and jokes about self-isolating in it alone.

The cute granny flat sits at the end of the former Apprentice star's huge garden – which fans thought was actually a park – and features a modern kitchen, vintage-style pink bath, log burner and king size bed.

Luisa, 32, showed off the granny flat which would make many green with envy for its brand spanking new features on Instagram.

As she videoed the gorgeous space she sung a little ditty: "Please let me be in here all by myself."

"I would love it so."

She then described the granny flat to her 573,000 Instagram followers

Luisa said: "I'm in my little garden flat wishing I could self-isolate here with my little log burner even though it's boiling, my tiny table that can only sit one person, possibly two and a gorgeous king size bed.

"And the pink bath tub which I've never even sat in and my cute little kitchen."

The Celebrity Big Brother star's video comes just weeks after she shared a glimpse into her huge backyard.

She posted a video of her family enjoying the sunshine outdoors in her enormous sprawling garden – with some fans so bowled over by its size they asked if she was at the park.

Luisa posted a video of her kids playing on an inflatable slip-and-slide in their outdoor space, which is so big you can't even see any fences.

She has daughters Clementine and Indigo with second husband Andrew Scott and another, Dixie, with her first, Oliver Zissman.

Luisa has been an outspoken voice during the coronavirus outbreak, saying she was “f***ing angry with the Chinese” and blamed the country’s “filthy markets” for causing the pandemic.

She said said: "“Everything f***ing generates from them and their filthy wet markets with their inhumane animal practices. What the f*** they do there is frankly disgusting.”

The star later denied her remarks were racist, insisting: "This is not a racist viewpoint. I don't have a problem with Chinese people at all obvs."

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has confirmed that Covid-19 is a new strain of coronavirus, which has not been seen in humans before.

Although similar strains have been found in Chinese Horseshoe bats, scientists are yet to confirm exactly how humans first contracted the bug.

The first cases were reported in Wuhan, China, but WHO has not yet confirmed whether it has come from an animal source.

Yet Luisa went on: "The immediate issue is still with keeping people alive and safe and well."

Louisa appeared on the ninth series of The Apprentice in 2009, where she came runner-up, before coming fourth on Celebrity Big Brother the following year.

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