Inside Normal People star Daisy Edgar-Jones’ stylish London flat-share where she lives with three pals – The Sun

NORMAL People actress Daisy Edgar-Jones lives a pretty normal life when she's not the filming the hit BBC show.

The 22-year-old actress – who is best known for playing Marianne Sheridan on the raunchy TV series – lives with three pals in a stylish London flat-share.

Giving fans a glimpse of her living room on Instagram, Daisy revealed a makeshift spa that she had created.

The room boasts a slanted ceiling and a bookcase, where her flatmates keep their television.

Other features include wooden floors, house plants, a geometric rug and wicker baskets.

Keeping in with the modern theme, the sleek kitchen is fitted with white countertops and a stainless steel appliances.

Sharing a snap of her grandparents in the room, she wrote: "The grandparents ft Tesco roses and bran flakes."

Meanwhile, the balcony is the perfect area for Daisy and her pals to relax during lockdown.

It features a huge inflatable sofa and a mini paddling pool.

Alongside a photo of her flatmates soaking up the sun in the tiny pool, Daisy said: "Sun's out, pool's out."

The actress was born in 1998 in Islington, London before growing up in nearby Muswell Hill.

Her boyfriend is 29-year-old actor Tom Varey – who has starred in TV series Game Of Thrones and No Offence – and who she met on the set of film Pond Life.

Daisy recently revealed she has struggled to come to terms to with her newfound fame after the show's record-breaking success.

She explained: "It has been strange experiencing it all from my bedroom."

The actress added: "I haven’t been able to really kind of process the fact that I can see articles online talking about me, it feels a bit like a simulated video game on my phone, it's very surreal."

The finale of the hit show is set to air tonight.

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