James Martin makes big change to home after viewer complaint ‘Offending my eyes’

James Martin straightens lampshade after ITV viewer complains

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James Martin chatted all about his work in the kitchen on a recent episode of Loose Women. The TV chef was welcomed onto the ITV daytime show by host Ruth Langsford and panellists Janet Street-Porter, Coleen Nolan, and Jane Moore. However, things soon went awry when Ruth read out a complaint she’d received about James.

Loose Women connected with James via video link as he chatted to the panellists from his home.

However, one viewer seemed to take issue with James’ surroundings and wrote in to complain.

Ruth explained: “Just to say, we have very eagle-eyed viewers on Loose Women and they love watching you.”

She revealed that she’d received a message from a viewer called Gail who had a problem with some furniture in James’ home.

Ruth read out the message: “Really looking forward to listening to James, but could you tell him he needs to straighten that lampshade behind him?”

Joking about the viewer’s blunt complaint, the presenter added: “It’s slightly offending her eye.”

“Sorry! Right, one second,” James said, as he leapt up from his chair to fix his lampshade.

The Loose Women panellists burst out laughing at James’ swift reaction to the message.

“They literally see everything,” Ruth said, as Janet remarked: “What are they like?”

“Is that alright?” James asked the Loose Women panel, after adjusting the lamp.

“Well, I don’t know because you’re standing in the way now,” Ruth teased.

As the TV chef finally stood aside to reveal the lampshade, Ruth said: “Perfect. Well, I don’t know, it’s sort of… It’s better.”

It seems several viewers were distracted by the furniture behind James during the interview, with some taking to Twitter to comment.

“James is sitting on a very interesting looking chair. Where did he buy it or did it come with the garage. #loosewomen,” Tóibí remarked.

“Where did #jamesmartin get his red panther from?” Hayley Mansell questioned.

Ruth couldn’t help but ask James more about his home, where he films his own cooking show.

She remarked: “Obviously you work from home and we see your programmes from home.

“Did you fall in love with your house straight away?” Ruth asked.

“It was actually my PA who said this is the perfect house for you,” he revealed.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12:30pm on ITV.

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