Jersey Shore's Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Says He Asked Michael Cohen to Smuggle Chicken in Prison

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino finally reunited with his roomies on Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

After completing an eight-month prison sentence for tax evasion last September, Sorrentino, 37, got together with the rest of the cast at a rental house in New Jersey. Needless to say, they had a lot of questions for him, which brought about some interesting answers about his time at the Otisville Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York.

After being asked if he experienced any sort of “emergency lockdown situation,” Sorrentino proceeded to share details of a bizarre alleged encounter he had with Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, who reported to Otisville in May to begin a three-year sentence for campaign finance violations, tax evasion and lying to Congress.

“The first day Michael Cohen came in, who was the president’s attorney, we had a lockdown because there were drones and helicopters,” Sorrentino said. “The funny thing about it was the most important thing in prison is pretty much food. A lot of the guys will barter, they’ll make deals for food. So when Michael Cohen came in to prison, I heard he didn’t eat chicken. So I went straight up to Michael Cohen and I was like, ‘Listen, Mike. I’m going to need you to do something for me.’ “

“It was his first day. He said, ‘Anything, Mike, what do you need?’ I said, ‘I’m going to need you to smuggle chicken for me, out of the main line. Give it to me and I’m going to put it in my locker so I get an extra serving,’ ” he recounted. “He was like, ‘No problem.’ Thursday comes around, which is chicken day — Cohen is nowhere to be found. I was like, ‘Damn, Cohen was chicken on chicken day!’ “

According to Sorrentino, when he saw Cohen, 53, a few hours later, he asked him what happened.

“He was like, ‘Yo man, they know we tryin’ to smuggle chicken,’ ” Sorrentino claimed. “I was like, ‘Alright man, we’re going to reevaluate. The block is hot.’ “

Cohen’s rep denied the alleged interaction to Page Six, calling it “red sauce self promotional fiction.”

High-profile alleged encounters aside, Sorrentino had more stories to share from his time behind bars, claiming his meals were sometimes similar to the ones depicted in Goodfellas.

“Honestly, we did eat like that sometimes,” he said. “You needed to know someone, but maybe due to Uncle Nino putting the word out for your boy here, I had this Boston crew looking out for me. They controlled the kitchen and they made sure I ate well.”

Still, “the food was not very good,” he admitted.

“Listen, the conditions in prison as a whole — you’re not sleeping in a comfortable bed, you’re not eating good food, and this is for long periods of time,” he said. “You can see how prison could affect some of the other guys that are there for longer than a year. Because eventually, it starts to eat away at you. And if you don’t work at yourself mentally or physically or spiritually, eventually you’re going to be swallowed up by circumstance.”

He also said he witnessed examples of contraband — and the consequences that followed.

“There were people that were caught with phones here and there and they were thrown in the SHU — it’s called solitary confinement,” he said. “[Prison guards] would find bags of Chinese food in the woods. They would get Chinese food delivered in the woods!”

Overall, the reality star acknowledged it was “a crazy experience.”

“But I had the love and support of my beautiful wife, and you guys, which is the most important thing,” he said.

“Mike is a f—ing role model,” said Jenni “JWoww” Farley. “He went to jail, he came out positive, it didn’t eat him up, he made it his bitch and he has a f—ing big a– smile on his face. You cannot ask for better.”

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays (8 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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