Jordan Talks That 'David Vs. Goliath' Battle On The Challenge — And His Game-Ending Injury

Jordan has the special distinction of capturing three consecutive Challenge titles — after his Battle of the Exes 2 win, he was number one on Dirty XXX and War of the Worlds 2. But the reigning champ was unable to go four for four in a row and was ousted during this week’s Total Madness episode.

“I really hope anyone out there with a disability, I hope you just do it,” he emotionally reflected after Fessy defeated him in Pole Wrestle, a showdown that he entered with a clear disadvantage. After the first round — which the Big Brother rookie won, the Real World: Portland alum “f*cked his shoulder up” (Bananas’ words) in what turned out to be a reset round.

Jordan revealed to MTV News that he separated his AC joint, and he is still recovering.

“I can’t sleep on my right side,” he said. “I’ve been to two specialists because it’s my right shoulder, and I don’t have a left hand. I have no tissue damage; it’s a grade two separation. Grade three would be surgery. Time will heal it.”

And even though Jordan admitted he was “okay losing,” he was disappointed with how it unfolded.

“I always want to put on a good show,” he confessed. “You had this David vs. Goliath situation, and David doesn’t even get out of the first round. Come on.”

Jordan is no longer defending his Challenge crown — but fellow champs Dee and Rogan remain. Will either of them go back-to-back? And what did you think of Jordan’s elimination? Sound off, then keep watching Total Madness every Wednesday at 8/7c.

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