Josie Gibson gives a tour of her Bristol home and admits she made a ‘booby’ with the wallpaper on This Morning – The Sun

JOSIE Gibson gave a tour of her Bristol home on This Morning today and confessed she'd made a "booby" with the wallpaper.

Fans on Twitter agreed that her choice of brown and beige wallpaper was "strong" and one even said "it hurts my eyes" as they begged Josie to rip it down.

She said: "I don't know whether I've made a bit of a booby wallpapering the two walls, I don't know whether I've gone a bit crazy with that.

Celebrity designer Kelly Hoppen joined her video home tour and insisted the wallpaper was "fine".

She remarked: "The best thing is to keep the feature wallpaper above your fireplace, and keep the wallpaper, it's fine.

"But create an area for the TV, put it on the wall, it's technology it's part of our lives. Bung it up there … and move the sofas in, create space."

But fans were not so sure that Kelly had given her good advice, and many agreed with Josie.

One said: "Wallpaper is very strong code for looks terrible"

Another fan wrote: "The room is about 9ft square, Hoppen is telling her to cram more furniture in than a DFS warehouse…#ThisMorning.
Make it look bigger by ditching that awful wallpaper and getting a neutral coloured sofa…"


Kelly Hoppen has been giving This Morning presenters advice on how to spruce up their homes in lockdown

Alison Hammond didn't fare as well as Josie last week when Kelly said her house was "all wrong."

The much loved presenter gave Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield a quick look at her home with her 13-year-old son Aiden,

Below are family photos, showing her with the whole set up decorated with hanging bulbs.

Above the dinning room table – created with a white table and four blue chairs – is a metal framed mirror.

Asking for advice, Kelly helped Alison out by telling her to turn the dining room table around – which Alison did live on air.

"And then the mirror I'd move above the sofa for now," Kelly added over video chat.

"I can't do that right now!" Alison said.

Kelly laughed and said: "I didn't expect you to actually do it. That makes the table look better already, put a nice bunch of flowers on.

"Move the mirror because it's the wrong size. You want a bigger picture over there. So move that over there and put some pictures either side."

Moving onto the kitchen, Kelly suggested putting something on the work surface.

She said: "Where your work top is, maybe put something there. Because when you sit on the sofa you want to look at something. So maybe put some vases, some fruit or something."

Alison obliged and dragged some fruit into shot and then slammed a big F&M weaved basket onto the work surface – much to the delight of viewers and the studio.

One person said: "I loved this! Alison you are so funny. @Kellyhoppenyou are so stylish….well done to @thismorning team for always thinking out the box for segments like this"

Another added: "That was so funny.. @AlisonHammond is a legend"

A third remarked: "Love every moment of this. Glad i have rewind on my tv"

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