Joy-Anna Duggar slammed after son Gideon, 2, touches unlit fireworks and ‘puts his hands in his mouth’ during pandemic – The Sun

JOY-ANNA Duggar is under fire again for “seemingly not caring one bit” about the health and safety of her two-year-old son, Gideon.

Fans are slamming the Counting On family rebel for allowing her young child to touch fireworks and put his hands in his mouth amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 22-year-old mother of one shared her outing with her and husband Austin Forsyth’s son Gideon on social media over the weekend, where the two were checking out a fireworks stand.

It appeared to be set up outdoors in a parking lot, and Gideon was shwon rifling through a bucket up unlit fireworks, touching many of the items in the container.

He then proceeded to put his hand in his mouth, despite the pandemic, which many of her followers took issue with.

On Reddit, fans called out Joy-Anna for allowing her son to touch various products, at a random outdoor stand, and then put the same hand in his mouth.

One wrote: “Gideon was slobbering on his hands and then touching merchandise and then putting his hands back in his mouth, during a pandemic.

“The duggar’s seem to not care one bit about their kid spreading his spit nor him picking up something.

“I don’t think being cautious during a pandemic equates to a bubble-wrapped kid.”

While the young child being around fireworks isn’t upsetting anyone, since they are unlit, the pregnant reality star’s “carelessness about the pandemic” is making fans feel a bit concerned.

Another comment said: “I wasn’t worried at all about the wrapped fireworks.

“The kid is touching several items that are in public and putting his hands in his mouth during a pandemic, no one wearing masks.”

One fan noted: “Most people I know have their kids in strollers so they can't go round and touch everything right now.”

Joy-Anna was also recently called out over a “terrifying” photo showing her son standing on the edge of a tall kitchen stool.

He was seen standing up high, in just a diaper, dumping out a gallon of milk on the counter, teetering on the edge of the chair.

The 22-year-old mother, who rebelled against her family by showing off her bare shoulders in a revealing tank top over the weekend, simply captioned the picture: “It’s been one of those mornings…”

“Worried” fans slammed her for letting him be up that high and all by himself, with one writing, “It looks like he can fall he’s at the edge,” and another one saying, “So dangerous!”

A third commented: “So instead of stopping and correcting him you get your phone out to take pictures?

“Now he will think it’s funny and a game. Nice parenting.”

Joy-Anna is currently about 33 weeks pregnant with her and her husband Austin’s second child — a baby girl.

The Counting On star suffered a miscarriage last summer.

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