Joy-Anna Duggar's Followers Think Her Son, Gideon, Seems Like 'The Happiest Little Boy'

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the Duggars for years. Thank to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, their 19 children are now getting even more attention than they are. And many fans are ultra-curious about Joy-Anna Duggar’s life with her husband, Austin Forsyth.

Joy-Anna and Austin seem to have one of the best and healthiest marriages of all the Duggars. The two are known for their joint house-flipping ventures, and they also got through some seriously tough times together. As for their family life, we know Joy-Anna is often posting photos and videos of Gideon. And her Instagram followers love it, as they think he looks like an incredibly happy kid.

Joy-Anna Duggar posted photos and videos of her son, Gideon, exploring

Joy-Anna and Austin haven’t always had it easy. Like the rest of the Duggars, they absolutely adore children and hope to have many. But their delivery with Gideon wasn’t easy. In Touch Weekly reports Joy-Anna had to give birth to Gideon in a hospital despite trying for a home birth due to complications.

We also can’t forget that Joy-Anna miscarried her second child at 20 weeks, which left her and Austin devastated by the loss, Us Weekly notes. Now, they seem to be moving forward and appreciating all the time they get to spend with Gideon.

On March 2, Joy-Anna posted some photos and videos of Gideon out in nature exploring. The video included Gideon getting excited after seeing an airplane flying overhead. And the photos captured his huge smile. “I love seeing him explore and enjoy the land that I grew up on,” she captioned the post.

Fans think he looks like the happiest kid

Like the rest of the Duggars, Joy-Anna isn’t immune to criticism. Since she grew up under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof, many worry she, along with her siblings, may raise her children to be close-minded. And it seems Joy-Anna is already incorporating religion into Gideon’s life, which some certainly have opinions about. But her followers are loving her post of Gideon already getting out into the world and truly being a child, as they think he looks like he’s having the time of his life.

“Joy, he seems like the HAPPIEST little boy that I’ve ever seen!” one follower commented on the post.

“He is such a delightful joyful little fella…what a treasure he is!” another wrote.

“He is such a cutie and so happy. Well done mom,” yet another added.

Many speculate Joy-Anna is gearing up for baby No. 2

We know Joy-Anna was deeply saddened by the miscarriage of her second child. It’s tough to say if she and Austin are ready to try again after such a significant loss, but many Duggar followers speculate that baby No. 2 could be on the way.

Jinger Duggar recently visited all of her sisters in Arkansas from Los Angeles. The sisters all posted photos of their joyous outing with each other — and even Jill Duggar, who seemed to have a falling out with her family, was invited. This is making many think that they were gathering to celebrate another pregnancy. And some of the photos posted to Instagram are also making followers think Joy-Anna is hiding her belly.

“Joy Anna looks pregnant in this pic. Maybe?” one follower speculated on the Duggar Family Instagram.

Another wrote, “maybe that is why Jinger went home for a visit? Some type of announcement.”

If that is the case, we’re sure we’ll hear more about it in the future. For now, we’re happy to keep seeing plenty of posts of Gideon and how Joy-Anna and Austin are choosing to raise their little boy.

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