Kenya and Eva Call NeNe Leakes 'Trash' and 'Ratchet,' as Moore Gives Update on Marc Daly Split

Kenya reveals how she feels about Marc wanting to work on their marriage after blowout fight.

It was a shady night on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" on Sunday, as both Kenya Moore and Eva Marcille talked all things "Real Housewives of Atlanta" and did not hold back.

The two called into the show via video conference as they continue to self-isolate during the COVID-19 pandemic. During their chat with Andy, he got Kenya to reveal the current status of her relationship with (not-so) estranged husband Marc Daly, before both women talked beef with NeNe Leakes and other shady moments from the current season of their reality show.

Let’s start with Marc, as Moore made some pretty surprising comments about where the two stand now. Of course, viewers have seen their marriage totally fall apart this season, but it sounds like now they’re trying to work things out.

"We’re not together being quarantined because when everything happened he was in New York and now he’s just trying to keep his restaurant alive and feeding people at the hospital and doing his own deliveries," she said when asked if they were physically together now.

That being said, she added that they’ve been getting along more than ever. "It’s just been no arguments, no real fights or disagreements and he’s been really sweet and caring and thoughtful," she explained. "It’s like, wow, this is the man I married."

She revealed Marc’s clothes are "still in the closet" and he has stayed with her when he’s come to Atlanta. Explaining that she did start to box up his things, Moore said he told her "I don’t want to break up, I want to work on our marriage," and that halted her decision.

"He wants to work on the marriage. He wants to be a better person. I think when you’re married you have to try everything to stay together," she said. "If you exhaust everything, you will have your answer at the end of the day. Right now, yeah, if he’s going to be a changed person, yes. If he’s going to be the Marc that you’ve seen, no."

Kenya also talked about comments she made on the show where she alleged Marc didn’t want her to speak with his parents. Talking to Andy, she said that while she has met them before, they don’t talk because Marc has "his own issues" with them that he needs to work out first. "I just don’t get in the middle of it," she added.

Andy then played a game where "The Shady Easter Bunny" asked Kenya about some of her shadiest moments this season.

First, he wanted to know whether she had any regrets about not hearing out NeNe when she was trying to talk to her in Greece. "No, because I knew she was just waiting to give me a bunch of BS and be fake and phony," said Kenya, "and I’m over the fake and phony, so I’m over her."

Then, she said she did not recall shoving Kandi during that same trip, though added she would "never intentionally push a friend" and if she did, she regretted it.

She also cleared up the Marlo Hampton drama from Marc’s charity event — where she was seemingly seated away from the other housewives — before saying she had no regrets about calling Marlo’s wigs "dusty, dry and nasty." Her only regret there: "That I didn’t include ‘stank’" too.

It’s clear Kenya has NeNe in her crosshairs right now and explained what she meant when she said she has a box of receipts she plans to air during the coming reunion.

"I think this is going to be a reunion of exposure," she warned. "So many things have been covered up over the years and I am going to open that can of worms, that receipt box. By the time I’m doing you will see who the fakes are, who the phonies are and who the real people are."

Eva also doubled down on calling Leakes "ratchet" and responded to NeNe saying she hasn’t been carrying her own weight this season on the show.

"According to air time, I carried a lot more weight than she did this season. Why is she so mad?" asked Marcille. "I thought she was on the road to spirituality and trying to recover with everyone and be friends. For some reason, she has picked a fight with everyone."

Kenya even claimed NeNe has been nasty during conference calls with all the women, where she allegedly has been "Calling people bitches."

Lastly, Moore said that it didn’t matter whether or not Leakes "actually did spit on me" in Greece, as NeNe’s behavior overall has been "trash."

"The fact is she was throwing things at me, she was calling me all kind of names and clearly she lunged at me and she hocked up spit like she was about to spit on me," she said. "Who does that? Trash!"

"RHOA" airs Sundays on Bravo.

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