Liar fans convinced Laura is being framed by her sister Katy in sick revenge twist

LIAR fans are convinced Laura is being framed by her sister Katy in a sick revenge twist.

The ITV drama's second season follows Laura Nielson (Joanne Froggatt) as she is accused of killing her rapist, Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd).

Laura maintains she is innocent, and a number of other characters could easily have a motive to murder the twisted doctor.

Fans have come up with a number of theories, including the fact someone could be framing Laura for his death.

After this week's episode, numerous viewers are convinced her sister Katy (Zoe Tapper) is the one setting up Laura as part of a sick revenge plot.

The siblings have had a strained relationship ever since it was revealed Katy had an affair with Laura's ex-boyfriend.

But tensions rose during Monday's episode when the girls came together at the hospital for their dying dad.

He begged his daughter's to end his life, and while Katy was initially reluctant, she later agreed to do it, but couldn't go through with it.

In the end, Laura was the one to help her father, and she placed a silver necklace in his hand as he passed away.

But that same silver necklace was later found by police in connection with Andrew's murder, leading to Laura's arrest again – and viewers to start pointing the finger at Katy.


Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "So the sister has never forgiven Laura for 'killing' their dad and has now framed her for Andrew's murder?"

Another tweeted: "Maybe her sister framed her?"

A third added: "But she just gave that necklace to her dad? So unless she met someone from the story in that moment, only she or her sister did it? And seeing as Laura has already been arrested like three times, I'm convinced it's not her. #Liar."

Meanwhile a fourth agreed, writing: "Did Katy set Laura up?"

Liar continues on Monday, March 30 at 9pm on ITV.

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