Liz Hurley, 54, looks incredible in sexy dress she can still fit into after 15 years – The Sun

ELIZABETH Hurley really is the gift that keeps on giving, and today is no different.

The stunning actress, 54, looked incredible in a little black dress that she's had for 15 years.

The swimwear model also used the opportunity to wish people well during the outbreak of coronavirus.

Taking to Instagram Liz shared a selfie of herself dressed in the sexy gown.

She had her famous brown locks styled to perfection and accessorised with a pair of huge diamond earrings.

Urging fans to be careful amid the ongoing pandemic, Liz wrote in the caption: "Why go out when you can stay in?

"Why buy new dresses if you can squeeze yourself into one you’ve had for 15 years? #staysafe #homeiswheretheheartis."

The star's latest post comes after she revealed she sleeps in a bra every night to keep her famous cleavage "high and firm".

She was grilled about her age-defying figure by her friend of 20 years Trinny Woodall in her YouTube series the T-Zone.

Trinny, 56, said: "You have famous, beautiful breasts. You're the only woman I know in her 50s who wears incredibly successfully a plunging neckline."

To which she revealed: "I sleep in a bra. Sometimes I can't be bothered to take my clothes off to go to bed anyway.

"If I have a bedtime bath, I will then put on a soft bra. I think it's good to be supported."

Liz also revealed why she never exercises and how she keeps gaffer tape in her bag for those emergencies when she wants to wear a plunging outfit.

This latest interview with Liz came hot off the heels of her declaring she was "too old" to wear a bikini – despite regularly posting swimsuit-clad selfies on Instagram.

Speaking on Susannah Constantine's podcast, My Wardrobe Malfunction, the Bedazzled star said: "Most people are fine lying down, but when they stand up they want to cover up, including me.

"I like to cover up a lot. I certainly wouldn't walk round a public beach parading in a bikini anymore. I'm much too old.

"But, privately, of course."

The Hollywood actress' confession may come as a surprise to many as her social media is often peppered with swimsuit selfies, promoting her swimwear brand Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

Liz was once married to Indian textile tycoon Arun Nayar, but they divorced after four years back in 2011.

She remains on good terms with lots of her exes, including Hugh Grant and Shane Warne.

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