Loose Women Nadia Sawalha admits shed be divorced without marriage counselling

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Nadia Sawalha advocated for the wonders of marriage counselling on Loose Women on Wednesday.

Discussing the topic with Ruth Langsford, Sunetra Sarker and Denise Welch, Nadia revealed her and her husband would not be together if it weren't for rigorous counselling.

Nadia admitted, "Being in an unhappy marriage effects everything and effects everyone else around you."

Nadia and her husband, television producer Mark Adderley, have been married for 19 years.

The couple have seen a total of three marriage counsellors.

Speaking out about their relationship, Nadia said the couple were "blocked" and couldn't get past the bickering although they both still loved each other.

"We wouldn’t still be together if we hadn’t gone to a marriage counsellor" Nadia confessed.

Nadia, who has been married once before, said she believes marriage counselling is a "really proactive action."

The mother-of-two has spoken out about the benefits of marriage counselling on Loose Women before, although refrained from going into any details of her own experience.

Nadia also spoke about the role women play in advocating for counselling.

"I do think that women are more open about the thought generally of going to couple counselling."

Mother to Maddie, 18, and Kiki-Bee, 13, Nadia admitted she was worried about how potential divorce would have affected their children.

"It would have been a very different life for them if we’d broken up."

Nadia also expressed her worry of what a divorce would have meant for her day-to-day life.

She asked the other panelists, "What's the knock on effect?"

Speaking of her parents as well as her children Nadia was grateful her marriage had survived.

Nadia also admitted how lucky she felt for being able to afford a marriage counsellor.

Understanding that counselling is a luxury many cannot afford, Nadia said she and her husband were "blessed" for their advantage.

After her successful counselling, Nadia had some advice to offer audiences and her fellow panelists.

Speaking from her own success with the method, Nadia encouraged viewers to write a letter to your partner without blame.

Understanding that many marriages may be strained during the pandemic, Nadia advocated for the importance of communicating with your partner.

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