Loose Womens Coleen Nolan admits to having affair which saved relationship

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  • Loose Women 's Coleen Nolan has opened up on a 'secret affair'.

    The TV personality took to the airwaves for Wednesday's (19 April) edition of the daytime panel programme.

    She appeared alongside Christine Lampard, Kelle Bryan and Jane Moore on the ITV1 chat show where the group discussed a variety of topics, include a recent storyline in EastEnders.

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    In a recent episode of the BBC One soap opera, Denise confessed her problems to Jack, where she admits that she may have kissed Ravi, but the pair did not go all the way.

    But Coleen, 58, made a surprising confession as the panel started to debate how exactly they define an affair.

    After Christine asked the panel whether a kiss counts as cheating, Coleen opened up about whether she could forgive an affair that didn't include the deed.

    She explained: "So my initial reaction would be now you can't, but I think you've got to take into the circumstances."

    "The reason I say this, and I'm not condoning it in any way, is because many years ago it happened to me."

    She then went into detail about the situation and her reasons for her actions as she says she didn't feel loved.

    Coleen carried on: "The reason it happened to me was because I was being made to feel rubbish and surplus to requirements and not attractive, and not loved, and I was just there to kind of look after people who clean the house or whatever.

    "And then I went away on tour, I met someone who made me feel like a gorgeous woman again and attractive and build the self esteem that I'd lost.

    "And it was an awful situation. And like I said I'm not condoning it because it brought lots of heartbreak at the time, but actually when it came out, the truth came out.

    "That relationship then went on for us to have the best two or three years of our relationship that we'd ever had because I knew I'd done wrong and I'd never do it again.

    "But I tried to talk to the person before it happened, but they weren't listening because they just took for granted and she'll get over it.

    Christine then interjected: "But it was a wake up call."

    To which Coleen confessed that it was and it made both people in the respective relationship make more effort with each other.

    She said: "And also for me to go, you know, I need to make more of an effort to so in that respect, it kind of worked. However, I also learned that I could never do that again because it isn't the answer."


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