Loose Womens Janet Street-Porter brutally calls out co-star for low standards

Loose Women's Janet tells Judi she has 'low standards'

The Loose Women panellists had been talking about red flags they can’t stand in potential partners.

As Janet Street-Porter shared a friend’s story about an instant turn-off she suffered on a date, Judi Love disagreed.

During the jokey conversation, Janet brutally told Judi her standards were “so low”.

The comedian appeared stunned as she gasped at her co-star’s slur.

As Judi herself shared a few instances where she’d been put off by a date’s behaviour, Janet shared her friend’s story.

“A friend of mine told me her red flag was she met this bloke online, went to have a drink with him and he turned up wearing a fleece with his company logo right across it…” Janet detailed.

She continued: “And it was like… not the kind of logo you want to sit in a sleek pub with it emblazoned across someone.”

“Is that a red flag?” Judi questioned, adding: “I’d be like, ‘You got a job, this could work.'”

As the other hosts laughed at Judi’s remark, Janet swiped: “Judi… your standards are so low.”

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“A green flag for me is someone who’s in touch with their emotional side and they love romantic comedies.”

“Oh, Brenda,” Janet complained, adding: “You ask them all this before you go on a date?”

“No, you just sit and watch the film and see how they react!” she replied.

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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