'Love Is Blind': Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers Never Asked Each Other What They Look Like

Though the point of Love Is Blind is to get engaged to someone without ever seeing them, it wasn’t uncommon for contestants to ask each other what they look like.

On “People Now,” Love Is Blind hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey said contestants would say they look like certain celebrities to give their dates an idea of their appearance. 

What physical qualities Giannina Gibelli likes in a partner

On a recent episode of “Love In Sight,” Giannina Gibelli says she typically likes a man with a strong jawline and “big back.”

“Maybe having like a really nice jawline–I love the jawline, strong jaw–big back. Someone who’s strong and can just pick me up and toss me across the room kind of thing,” she said.  

“Athletic would be great. Just because I’m like adventurous. I like to sneak into concerts, I love to go hiking, I love to just do all these fun, random things. So if he was a couch potato it would have been like, ‘Come on, guy,’” she continued.

But Giannina says, going into the show, she tried to not have any expectations around what her future partner would look like.  

“I think that because I didn’t have that mental picture of like, ‘This is who I’m going to fall in love with and if it’s not them then I’m done with this,’ I was just very open with it and whether he was tall or my height or had dark hair or blonde hair, I was just really looking forward to knowing this person and having them know me,” she said.

The reality star has always been careful about who she lets into her life. Her parents got divorced when she was 12, causing her to be wary of love.

“I just wanted someone to challenge me, really. Because I know how tough I can be. And I wanted someone that was able to balance me out and just kind of take away all those guards I was able to build up,” she explained. “My parents got divorced starting when I was like 12 years old. So I was very skeptical about love and not willing to let just anybody in. So whoever was kind of able to just like touch me in that soul piece, that’s what I was looking for.” 

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers had a vague idea of what the other looked like

That being said, Giannina did ask some of the men she spoke to in the pods what they look like. But she never asked Damian.

“I would ask some of the guys, ‘So, what do you kinda look like? What’s your celebrity look-alike? But with Damian and I, we never asked each other what we looked like,” she said.

They did, however, hear little things here and there from other people.

“We heard from the grapevine. I heard that, you know, Damian was like the strongest guy in the room and kind of beat everyone in a push-up contest. So I was like, ‘OK, so he’s big. Cool.’ And he heard that my celebrity look-alike that I’ve always gotten is Kate Upton. So I told some of the guys and I guess he kind of heard that. But we never said, ‘Oh, I have blonde hair. Or I’m this tall.’ I think you can hear me in the first two episodes saying, ‘Damian joked about being 5’4”.’ And I told him, ‘I wouldn’t care because I’m obsessed with you.’

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