Love Island’s Tom Clare reveals huge step in relationship with Samie saying they’re ‘trying to make it work’’ | The Sun

LOVE Island star Tom Clare has revealed that he and girlfriend Samie Elishi have plans to move in together.

The reality star, 23, said that they've been making their long-distance relationship work, despite living hundreds of miles from each other.

The Barnsley lad –  who eBay announced as its latest Pre-Loved Ambassador- said he would move happily move to London to be with Samie but admitted that they're in no rush.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Tom said: "Me and Samie couldn't be any better – obviously Samie's down in London and I'm up north but we're making it work.

"The other day I did my eBay shoot, Samie was there in the background taking loads of photos. Me and Samie are great, it's going really well."

Tom said that long-distance hasn't been an issue for them and they are hoping to find their dream property together at some point in the future.


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"I've been down there for a few days or she's come up here. It hasn't been like a one day thing, we're making it work," Tom continued.

"I think eventually we want to move in together but that takes time, it's not something that you rush.

"I think if we could we'd want to move in together tomorrow but we're just making it natural.

"I'd live wherever Samie wants to live – I'm not bothered me."

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The professional footballer said he and Samie have become stronger since leaving the villa.

Tom gushed that Samie is 'The One' and said marriage will be on the cards one day, saying he's "set" on the former estate agent coordinator.

"You spend everyday with people and you get to know them in there – when you're in the villa, it's always in the back of your mind what will happen on the outside, but it's literally been the same," he said.

"Our families get on so well, I remember the first thing my sister said was 'welcome to the family'. My mum and Samie keep in contact and text all the time."

It comes after Tom squashed any claims of a rift and said The Three Musketeers are still going "strong".

During their time in the Love Island villa,  Tom, Will and Casey O'Gorman and Tom Clare – who called themselves the three musketeers – formed a strong friendship.

Tom said: "I love Will to bits. You have to think, when you come out everyone is so busy but yeah we're going to meet up with Will soon.

"Me and Casey were talking about it earlier saying we miss him being around.

"We've all just been so busy but we keep in touch all the time.

"We're still the Three Musketeers – there is no drama there."

Yesterday eBay announced Love Island’s Tom as its latest Pre-Loved Ambassador, after he embraced stylish pre-loved looks throughout his time on the show.

The Sun revealed that Tom had landed a HUGE six-figure deal.

Tom’s new role will involve curating eBay edits of his favourite pre-loved pieces to inspire men and women when it comes to shopping second-hand.

He told us: "It's amazing, when I was in the villa eBay was bringing clothes in. With it being pre-loved it was something I wasn't clued up about but it's really opened my eyes.

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"Also with the current situation, it's such a sustainable thing.

"More people need to get into it, but it's great quality and I've seen that first hand. I wanted to work with them when I got to know the stylist – I couldn't be happier."

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