Matt Baker coronavirus fears: The One Show host worries he has COVID-19 ‘I’m anxious’

Matt Baker, 42, has been making appearances on The One Show all week from the comfort of his own home after taking action to self-isolate himself from coronavirus. The presenter has not tested positive for the disease, but members of his household had been displaying symptoms of COVID-19 and in coherence with Government advice, the presenter sought fit not to be in the studio. However, on tonight’s edition of the BBC programme, he revealed he was feeling under the weather. Explaining to co-star Alex Jones, 43, about his anxieties, the host admitted he was starting to get a dry cough and believes he may have contracted the virus.

Reporting via a video link to the studio, Matt told his colleagues: “Today, umm, I’ll be honest with you right, I’m not feeling as good as I normally do.

“I’ve wondered for a couple of days whether or not we’ve got it.

“But certainly I’m feeling pretty tired and I’ve got this dry cough – I don’t have a fever.”

Sat with his dog, he finished his commentary by saying he was “very anxious” about his health.


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