Movies Like 'The Invisible Man' and 'Cats' Are About to Hit Your Streaming Services Months Early

Obviously, The world has gotten to be a pretty weird place in the last few weeks. With most people hanging out inside their homes for the foreseeable future, that means it’s a little harder (and, TBH, more unhealthy) to go catch new movies in theaters. On the bright side, the movie industry has been making some adjustments to their release schedules because of this. There are some movies that will be available to rent on streaming services this week that are still in theaters.

These movies might be more expensive than usual to rent, but if you compare it to the price of movie tickets, it’s not that bad, especially if you’re splitting the rental with your roommates, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, dog, house plant, whatever. Here’s everything you can stream from your house in the next few weeks that, under ordinary circumstances, probably wouldn’t have been available for a few more months. Enjoy!

The Invisible Man

This Elisabeth Moss thriller is still in theaters, but it will be available on streaming this weekend, starting Friday. Should be available for about $19.99.

When: Friday, 3/20


This adaptation of the classic Jane Austen novel is also still in theaters, but thankfully, you’ll be able to catch it from the comfort of your couch starting this Friday. Probably also around $19.99.

When: Friday, 3/20


Yep, you read that correctly. This box office bomb that may or may not turn into a cult classic should be available to stream as early as today (allegedly, but we’re not seeing it anywhere yet).

When: Maybe today? We’ll update this ASAP

Birds of Prey

This Margot Robbie Suicide Squad spinoff is another one that’s still playing in certain theaters, but starting next week, you can rent it at home. It’s the exact level of camp-y and weird to keep your eyes off Twitter.

Available: Tuesday, 3/24

The Gentlemen

What can we say about this movie other than that it’s about a LOT of hot dudes? I’m sure there’s a plot in there somewhere, but the only thing that matters is that you’ll be able to rent it next week.

Available: Tuesday, 3/24

The Hunt

Yes, this movie caused a major controversy (you can read all about that here), and that’s just another reason to watch it at home so you and your groupchats have something to talk about.

Available: Friday, 3/20

Frozen 2

This is hitting Disney+ a whopping three months earlier than expected, so grab your kids (or yourself, we’re not judging) and park it in front of the TV. You know you want to.

Available: Now! Run to your TV!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

If you need the comfort of an Adam Driver movie right now, we get it, and thankfully, Disney has made that happen.Rose of Skywalker is now available for rental on YouTube, Vudu, and Google Play.

Available: Now!

Trolls World Tour

This one’s a little bit different. As of right now, it’s still going to theaters on April 10, but it will reportedly appear on digital streaming services at the same time, which is good news for those of us who don’t plan on leaving the house.

Available: April 10

Cosmopolitan will update this list as more information on individual releases becomes available.

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