‘Never Have I Ever’ Star Dreams to Having Steve Carell and Mindy Kaling in Season 2’s Cast

Speaking about the next installment of her Netflix show, leading actress Maitreyi Ramakrishnan also admits that she is keen to ‘dive into all the characters’ stories more.’

AceShowbiz -“Never Have I Ever” star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan has opened up on her casting hopes for the show’s second season.

After a new instalment of the Netflix show was confirmed earlier this month (July), the star, whose character Devi ended the first season coming to terms with her father’s death as she was in the midst of a love triangle between arch-nemesis Ben Gross and jock Paxton Hall-Yoshida, mused on what’s to come for her onscreen counterpart.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she shared she’s keen to “dive into all the characters’ stories more,” and praised the show for “having such a variety of different personalities, different stories coming from different backgrounds.”

While it’s unclear when “Never Have I Ever” will be able to kick off production, due to COVID-19, Maitreyi does have ideas for new characters for the show’s second outing – with “The Office” superfan keen to see Steve Carell come onboard.

“I always joke, ‘What if Steve Carell came on and he played Devi’s uncle that she never knew?’ ” she quipped. “I realize that it makes no sense! … I would want Steve Carell because it would just be jokes… Like, he could just walk past (the scene), but that’s all you need.”

She’d also like to see co-creator Mindy Kaling join the cast, insisting the multi-talented star “needs to be on season two.”

“That’s not negotiable… That would be awesome to be able to act with her,” the star gushed. “Anybody could play a family member. She could play somebody in the school. She could do whatever.”

“She could play Devi’s dad’s sister. She can be an aunt, like the cool aunt!” she pitched. “Yes, she would be the cool aunt that enables all of Devi’s behavior!”

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