New era for Emmerdale's Kim as she launches bold business with Gabby

Emmerdale’s Kim Tate (Claire King) doesn’t like to sit on her laurels, and with her wedding over with, the painful loss of Harriet starting to fade, and the Alex situation somewhat dealt with, she needs something new to sink her teeth into.

Kim is bored and wants to make more money (who doesn’t?!) and sets her sights on opening up a stud farm.

Seems perfect for the horse lover, but with so much already on her books, how will she manage yet another business? 

Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) is all in favour of the venture and Kim has the green light. And overseeing another business isn’t of concern for her as she already has someone in mind to be her right-hand man – she wants Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) to work at Home Farm. 

Is Kim sizing Gabby up to be her new replacement? It was an idea that floated around some time ago, before Gabby briefly fell out of favour.

She has since worked tirelessly to get back in Kim’s good books – looks like the hard work has paid off.  

She’s also well known for having her own unwavering ruthless streak, just like her new boss – having recently tried to evict poor Amelia Spencer in the early stages of her pregnancy. Is she ready to step up to the plate? 

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