Ollie and Scarlett bond as Rich leaves in Doctors

Rich (Richard Atwill) has a new job in Dubai. After months of self-delusion, he finally seems to have accepted that things really are over between him and Kirsty (Kiruna Stamell) in Doctors and is ready to embark on a new life alone.

Just to show there are no hard feelings, Kirsty cooks him a farewell meal. Things don’t go according to plan when Rich, true to form, ends up embarrassing their son, Ollie (Isaac Benn) who storms off.

Scarlett (Kia Pegg) who is now staying with Kirsty and Ollie after moving out of the Hollins’ following Karen’s recent death, goes off to find him. She finds him in a bar where they talk and, in fact, get on remarkably well.

They actually have a lot in common: both are about the same age and have experience of having to look after their not always very successful fathers.

Meanwhile, Rich’s farewell meal takes an unexpected turn, a development which both Rich and Kirsty are keen to keep from Ollie. Rich leaves for Dubai, parting with Kirsty on good terms.

Later in the week, Ollie and Scarlett have lunch together and again get on very well. Could this be the start of something? And what would Kirsty make of it all?

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