Orlando Bloom 'heads to quarantine' as coronavirus halts Carnival Row shoot

Orlando Bloom is flying home to the US and heading intoquarantine after coronavirus shut down production of Carnival Row season 2 inPrague.

The actor was filming in the Czech Republic when thegovernment put into effect a ban on all large events and meetings, preventingfilming to continue.

With Donald Trump’s ban of flights heading into the US fromEurope starting on Monday, the team have made the decision to shut downproduction so people can get home in time.

Talking on Instagram, Orlando was seen with some of the castand crew as they raised a toast to the show to announce the news, saying: ‘It’sfarewell from us as we go home to be quarantined.’

‘We’re coming home to the States, at least I’m coming hometo the States, because we want to get in before the quarantine,’ he added.

‘Big love everybody, stay safe out there! Self-quarantine.It seems really crazy actually this whole corona thing but do the right thingby you and your family and stay safe.’

‘In a few weeks, we’ll beat this bad boy,’ the star addedwith a smile and a wink.

The actor is currently expecting his second child with fiancéeKaty Perry, and it’s not known if his quarantine will effect being able to seeher.

Cara Delevingne, who plays Orlando’s love interest VignetteStonemoss on Carnival Row, was missing from his celebrations in the trailer.

The steampunk fantasy series sees the actor play RycroftPhilostrate, a detective investigating a series of murders of faes and mysticalcreatures, who are seen as ‘lesser’ in their society after being driven fromtheir homes into human society.

However, he soon runs into his ex, fae Vignette, who at apoint had believed him dead.

PresidentTrump’s 30-day ban from those travelling from Europe into the US begins onMonday. Only flights coming in from the UK will be allowed in the States.

Anyone flying into the States that has visited Europe in thetwo weeks previous will be required to go into quarantine.

Metro.co.uk hascontacted Orlando’s and Cara’s reps for comment.

Carnival Row is available now on Amazon Prime Video.

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