Over-50s lockdown fury as pensioner lashes out at ‘nanny state’ plot to ‘control’ adults

A new research paper from the University of Warwick has suggested that over-50s should be kept in lockdown for longer than younger groups. The report has caused outrage among people, including a 77-year-old man from Lancashire who dismissed it as an “awful idea”. Peter called into Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine show to shut down the idea of Brits over 50 being kept in isolation for longer during the coronavirus pandemic.

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He told the show: “This is an awful idea because of, first of all, personal freedoms.

“I was born in 1942, I’ve never had anything like this before in my life.

“I’m coming up 78 this year, and I really really object to being controlled by the nanny state.

“I also object to people looking for bête noirs, excuses for other things.”

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Peter continued: “You get three scientists and you get five opinions so I’m totally and utterly against it.

“Right now, I’m ready to go out for my daily walk, which will be between two and four miles, and include height and downs.”

Host Jeremy Vine pointed out: “In the end, you and I are scientists so it’s difficult for us to have a view here.”

Channel 5 medical expert Dr Sarah Jarvis warned Peter that the evidence to support this measure was “absolutely clear”.

She said: “Peter, I do understand that there have been lots of opinions out there.

“Unfortunately, statistically, this is one thing on which the figures are absolutely clear.

“With every decade that passes, statistically people are more likely to get severe complications, and more likely to die of it.”

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