Paul Sinha fears Parkinson’s will get worse on The Chase A devastating diagnosis

The Chase: Paul Sinha says Bradley ‘is being a bit harsh’

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Paul Sinha got diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease two years ago and ever since, the quizmaster has been very open on social media about his fears and the struggles he has faced since his diagnosis. Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder that affects the nervous system, and symptoms become worse over time. In a new interview, the 51-year-old, who makes regular appearances on The Chase, opened up about his future on the ITV quiz show.

Paul admitted in an interview with Radio Times that he was worried about remembering facts.

He began: “Every time I get a question wrong in a quiz that I used to know the answer to, I think, ‘Should I be worried?’.

“And then I realise that everybody does it. I’m just quite pragmatic about it.

“Yes, I’m 51, and I’ve got Parkinson’s – things are going to fall out of my head, things are going to stay in my head.”

“It’s a devastating diagnosis,” he continued. “There’s no doubt that it is.

“But you haven’t any choice but to make the best of it. That’s what’s going to be the best for your health.”

Paul, who is also known as The Sinnerman on The Chase, announced he had been diagnosed with the disease in June 2019.

He shared a post to Twitter where he penned in view of his 190,000 followers that he vowed to “fight it with every breath I have”

Paul said: “In the time since my Parkinson’s started, I have been ludicrously busy, and fully intend to keep Chasing, keep writing and performing comedy, keep quizzing and keep being hopeless at Tasks.”

He continued: “Dancing on Ice is, I suspect, out of the question. A lot of people have asked ‘What can I do to help?’ The answer is to treat me exactly the same as before.”

Paul also appeared on Loose Women last year where he explained he “refused to live in the future”.

“I only want to live in the present and enjoy the present,” he told the panel.

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“Because I don’t know what my future is. I don’t have the time scale and I don’t know when I’m going to start deteriorating,” The Chaser admitted.

“I do know that when I stop answering questions at speed, The Chase won’t fire me, I’ll say, ‘It’s been a lovely journey.

“‘You’ve treated me very, very well and see you later’, but right now, I’m on fire when it comes to general knowledge.

“That’s why I want to continue. I won’t let the disease dictate how I live my life,” Paul concluded on the matter.



Earlier this month, Paul hit out on those who have continued to point out his typos on social media.

The quizzer has been left furious after some Twitter users “mocked” him for his typos, despite his bio stating that his typing had been slowed down by Parkinson’s disease.

The Chase star questioned whether those who queried his writing have “human empathy”, as he threatened to block those who “have a go” at his posts.

Paul penned: “It is wearying to repeat it, but if you are mocking me for typos, you’re a thunderous b*****d with no human empathy.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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