Phillip Schofield drinks gin and tonic while going for a run in the sun after hitting back at Instagram trolls – The Sun

PHILLIP Schofield showed off his multi-tasking skills as he enjoyed a gin and tonic while out for a run in the sun.

The This Morning presenter uploaded the video to social media just days after hitting back at Instagram trolls.

Phillip, 58, is seen breaking a sweat in the clip, running through what appears to be a park in the sunshine.

He then reveals a chilled glass of gin and tonic to the camera, complete with ice and a slice of lemon.

Phillip then complained: "The trouble is, it's extremely hard to run and not spill any of your gin and tonic."

Before taking a big gulp and confirming: "It's all fine, all fine."

With the sound of clinking ice in the glass, he then went on to add: "Love a bit of lockdown exercise. Cheers."

The light-hearted video came after the TV presenter was forced to hit back at a troll who speculated that he was in a new relationship.

Phil looked happy in a selfie he shared on Instagram with friend Simon Schofield before he was forced to tell fans they were just "mates".

The star wrote alongside his photo: "First socially distanced walk with a mate!

"Thank you @sischofe .. last person I had a drink with before the wheels fell off, first I’ve seen as we try to reattach them!"

While many of his followers remarked on how "happy" Phil looked the popular presenter, who announced he was gay in February, was forced to defend himself from vile trolls.

He hit back at one fan who wrote: "Mate is that what they call it nowadays."

Sharing a middle finger emoji, Phil replied: "Yes! A mate! That's what they still call family friends who you've known for 20 years and come round to check if you're OK."

Simon previously created and produced The Knights Of Music tour, which Phillip starred in.

It's believed the pair – who by a strange coincidence have the same surname but are not known to be related – have known each other since Simon was a teenager, as he says they've been friends for 20 years.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun in February, Phillip admitted he knew he was gay when he married wife Stephanie.

Phillip has now moved into a London apartment after leaving the Oxfordshire home he shared with Steph and daughters Molly, 27, and Ruby, 24.

Last week, he reunited with his loved ones at the £2milllion pile and took a fun group shot in its sunny back garden.

He wrote on Instagram: "Murder mystery night… we’re all in character and taking it very seriously."

However, fans were unhappy with his update as Brits continued to abide by lockdown rules.

One said beneath his post: "I thought scofe moved out? I wish I could go to see my family ? seven weeks now"

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