Piers Morgan reveals he sneakily devoured a KFC delivery behind his wife's back because she 'force feeds' him kale

PIERS Morgan has admitted he sneakily devoured a KFC delivery behind his wife's back because she "force feeds" him kale.

The 55-year-old happily described the moment he tucked into his favourite fast-food on Good Morning Britain today.

Despite his wife Celia Walden trying to encourage him to stick to a healthy died, Piers said: "I've been talking to the crew about having a KFC moment at the weekend.

"My wife and daughter normally force-feed me kale.

"The moment they nipped out I immediately hit UberEats for a KFC delivery."

His co-host Susanna Reid told him to "stop drooling" as he excitedly recounted his meal.

"I like things conventional. I like an original three-piece.

"You get a drumstick, wing, thigh, breast, chips and baked beans – they are crucial with a KFC and extra salt."

Last month Piers queued at the McDonald's drive-through to be reunited with a tasty meal at his local in Wandsworth, London.

He treated himself to fast-food after months of lockdown.

The 55-year-old honestly revealed his temptation to binge on takeaways and alcohol in the evenings has led him to gain some weight.

He told GMB co-star Susanna Reid: "I have put on a bit of weight in lockdown," to which she joked: "They call it the Covid 10."

Piers then continued: "I wait all afternoon, and I get to about 6 o'clock, and my wife goes 'shall we have a Chinese, or get the wine out?'"

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