‘Proper fix!’ The Chase viewers fume over contestants ‘impossible’ questions

The Chase: Contestant 'regretfully' turns down high offer

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The Chase returned with a new episode on Monday night with host Bradley Walsh helping four new contestants try to win a life-changing sum on money. Taking on the ITV competition were contestants Deano, Anna, Steve and Pam who faced Chaser Jenny “The Vixen” Ryan. However, viewers were left annoyed after they felt Steve was handed an “impossible” set of questions and was caught by The Chaser.

Being third to take on The Vixen, Steve managed to build an impressive £8,000 in the cash builder round.

When facing Jenny at the table, she was impressed with his knowledge and offered him a lower amount of minus £1,000 and a higher offer of £42,000.

Conferring with his teammates, they all encouraged Steve to take the £42,000 as they felt confident he would be able to make it back for the Final Chase.   

Bradley asked: “What do you reckon? What would Carol say?” referring to Steve’s wife.

Steve sheepishly replied: “8,000…” to which Bradley laughed and asked: “And what are you going for?”

Steve decided to go safe and play for the £8,000 he had built in the cash builder to ensure he had a good chance at making it back for the Final Chase.

However, unluckily for Steve, he came up against some tough questions, which ultimately meant he was caught one from home by Jenny.

Viewers felt that Steve was handed “unfair” questions and took to Twitter to express their annoyance at the ITV quiz show.

@DanielleAtSix wrote: “Gutted for Steve his questions were so stupid, and he guessed well! #TheChase.”

@Mr_johnny_mac commented: “Steve’s questions were horrifying there! #thechase.”

@Julesno6 said: “Hardest set of questions ever for Steve… proper fix! #TheChase.”

@Crag1971 added: “Always give hardest to best player’s just to get rid so chaser’s look more intelligent against the ones that are not so good, boring now this!”

@EmmaKMc4 fumed: “#TheChase Steve was robbed, those questions were ridiculous and unfair!”

@Mr_Chambers_ tweeted: “Utter b*****d questions for Steve – they don’t want him to get through!” (sic)

The first contestant to take on Jenny was Deano where he managed to build an impressive £6,000 in the first round.

Despite being offered a low offer of £600 and a higher offer of £29,000, he decided to stick with his original amount, which paid off as he made it through to the Final Chase.

Up next was Anna, who only built £4,000 in her cash builder, and when offered £34,000 from Jenny, she too decided to stick and made it back for the Final Chase.  

Last to take on The Vixen was Pam, and she built an impressive £8,000 in the cash builder, but after flying through the round, regretted her decision not to take the £42,000 Jenny had offered.

During the Final Chase, the three competitors managed to get 18 steps in front of Jenny, but Bradley warned them they may have needed a few pushbacks to win.

Despite successfully pushing Jenny back once, she caught them with 14 seconds to spare, and the contestants went home empty-handed.

The Chase airs weekdays from 5pm on ITV.  

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