RHOC Vicki Gunvalson’s nurse daughter fears she’s caught coronavirus after TV star slammed for partying during pandemic – The Sun

REAL Housewives of Orange County alum Vicki Gunvalson's daughter fears she might have caught coronavirus after being sent home from the hospital she works at.

Briana Culberson's husband shared the news on social media on Wednesday – just a week after Vicki was slammed by fans for partying it up in Palm Springs and not practicing social distancing.

Ryan Culberson took to Instagram yesterday to post a text message he had received from Briana, who is a nurse.

In the text, she wrote: "I started coughing bad at work this morning and was short of breath.

"They put me on [a 14-day] quarantine and sent me home. I have to call occupational health in the morning to follow up and see what's next.

"No fever yet but I have chills. I'm going to sleep upstairs and probably will have to stay away from you guys as much as possible until I know more."

His post was captioned: "Woke up to the text every medical family dreads this morning.

"Guys please take these warnings a little more seriously it’s not just your family you’re putting at risk!

"Not looking for sympathy just trying to raise awareness. Please keep Briana in your thoughts and prayers!"

Just a few weeks ago, Ryan had been raging about his wife's work as a nurse and expressed his gratitude for healthcare workers.

In a picture with Briana and their two sons, he wrote: "I get my wife back tomorrow morning!

"4 of the last 5 nights she’s had to work the ER. I’m really not jealous of her job but super grateful there’s people that’ll do it!"

Ironically enough, Briana commented: "I just wanna sit on my couch….isolate me!"

And her mom was there to root on her as well.

The ex-housewife wrote: "Briana, I am so proud of you. Please take care of YOU so you don’t get sick too. I love you."

Just a week ago, Vicki herself came under fire after partying it up in Palm Springs despite calls for social distancing.

She also piled into a vintage car with her friends and turns the camera on herself and another blonde lady.

"Day drinking with my girl, it's so much fun," Vicki says to the camera, before pausing and asking slowly, "what coronavirus?".

Her friend laughs as Vicki says: "I just know there's toilet paper missing out of every aisle, everywhere."

Vicki's friend admits she "stockpiled" toilet paper after Vicki asks her where she can find some of the precious commodity.

Twitter users came down heavy on the RHOC alum after one shared her insensitive video.

"She stock piled all the toilet paper but is still out and about, day drinking?? She’s the problem," wrote one user.

While another shared a GIF of Vicki on the reality show with the caption "shame on you, shame on you".

"How vile," wrote another Twitter user.

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