Saturday Kitchen chef in savage dig at Brits as they strip the nation’s shelves

As thousands of Brits hit the shops to panic buy on Saturday morning, BBC chefs took a savage swipe at the crazed shoppers.

Saturday Kitchen served up a much needed plate of humour as it’s stars giggled at the Brits ignoring the warnings not to stockpile and stripping the nation’s shelves.

The digs began innocently as wine expert Helen McGinn introduced an Australian chardonnay to go with Frederick Forster’s poached egg dish.

“For this one, we’ve gone to Australia, we’ve got a Chardonnay. The reason for this is because you’ve got the onions, the creaminess of the sauce, with really nice earthy spices in there.

"So it’s got quite a bit of weight to it,” she said while putting her nose to the glass.

“There’s no oak, this is just fruit, and being from Padthaway, the limestone coast, chardonnay loves limestone as a soil.

“You get really lovely, ripe round fruit with this one.”

The alcohol expert, and author of The Knackered Mother's Wine Club added: “It’s £5.99 from Aldi and made by a really great producer.”

Chef Adam Byatt chirped up and cheekily asked “Is there any left?” in a savage dig at the panic buyers leaving supermarkets empty.

Helen reassured him there is some left, telling him: “There’s plenty in stock, I did check,” as the stars giggle at the joke.

Shoppers were seen standing in their hundreds in snaking queues around supermarket carparks on Saturday morning.

Despite the warnings not to stockpile, astonishing images show hundreds of shoppers queueing around a Tesco car park at 6am in a bid to purchase lockdown supplies.

The queue was so long some shoppers were waiting near to the entrance and exit of the car park on the roadside in New Malden, south-west London.

This is despite officials stressing there is no need to panic buy or stockpile – and that it means those most in need cannot get their essentials.

*Saturday Kitchen airs on BBC1 at 10am on Saturday mornings

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