See the Labor of Love Contestants Get Presented With Sperm Cups


Kristy Katzmann is looking for love—and a partner to have a baby with—on TV in Fox’s Labor of Love. Think The Bachelorette, but with an eye out for family-minded men. Because of the whole baby aspect, Kristy and host Kristin Davis have to make sure the contestants are up to the challenge. Yep, they have to test their sperm.

“Part of this process is figuring out if you’re all fit enough to be fathers. I mean that in the most literal sense possible. Waiters, please come in,” the Sex and the City veteran says in the exclusive sneak peek below.

The reaction from the contestants ranges from laughter to, “Oh my god,” and, “Y’all are ruthless.”

“We’re not here to mess around,” Kristin Davis tells the men.

See it below.

“Those are specimen cups. I did not see this coming,” Matt, a 44-year-old former pro wrestler from New York, says in the preview above. “No pun intended.”

Each week, Kristy, 41, tasks the contestants with challenges that put their parenting and partnership skills to test. The competition lasts for eight weeks with Kristy consulting with Kristin Davis as a sounding board, ultimately deciding if she has found the man with whom she’d like to start a family with.

“When I first heard the premise of Labor of Love, I knew I had to be a part of this show,” Kristin Davis said in a statement when the show was announced. “I believe every woman should feel empowered to go after their dreams, whether it be professional or personal, and to be at Kristy’s side as she took her future into her own hands was truly exciting.”

Labor of Love premieres Thursday, May 21 on Fox.

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