Simon McCoy has head in hands as he savages Michael Gove footage ‘Is it over?’

Michael Gove stuns clubbers as he raves in Aberdeen

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Simon McCoy and Kirsty Gallacher returned to the Great British Breakfast on Monday as the pair resumed their hosting duties on GB News. During the news programme, the pair discussed footage of Michael Gove hitting the dance floor in Aberdeen as McCoy showcased his exasperation at the Tory MP’s latest move. 

McCoy began: “Here’s something you don’t see every day, thankfully.

“This is cabinet office minister Michael Gove spotted raving. 

“Let me say it again, Michael Gove spotted raving in an Aberdeen nightclub alone in the wee small hours. 

“He was taking selfies and dancing with his arms in the air, onlookers said he was quite merry.”

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“Let’s just listen and watch this for a second,” McCoy added before showing viewers footage of Gove’s antics. 

Holding his head in his hands, McCoy asked Gallacher: “Is it finished?”

“There’s nothing wrong with that, he’s just having a little dance,” she commented. 

McCoy gave Gallacher a look that appeared as if he disagreed as she repeated: “There’s nothing wrong with it but it is funny.”

McCoy called on GB News viewers to get in touch and share their opinion on the footage. 

“Apparently he turned up quite late,” Gallacher said. “It was quite a late thought that he might just go for a rave.”

“I’m all for dad dancing,” McCoy remarked. “But that’s another league altogether.”

“Yes with the suit on,” Gallacher quipped and her co-host added: “At 2:30 in the morning but it’s good to see him relaxing.”

More to follow…

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