Simon Pegg Gives An Update On The Future Of Star Trek Movies

Actor Simon Pegg has provided an update on the future of Star Trek movies–and unfortunately for fans, it doesn’t sound like there will be a new film anytime soon. Speaking to Collider, the actor who plays Scotty started off by reflecting on the death of Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in the new Star Trek films.

“For us, losing Anton Yelchin the way we did was a real blow,” Pegg said. “And I think it slightly took the wind out of our sails in terms of our enthusiasm to do another one, just because we’re now missing one of our family. He would be conspicuous by his absence.”

Pegg went on to say that he remains in contact with the rest of the Star Trek cast–they are checking in with each other over email. However, no one is pushing Paramount to make more movies right now.

“If they say, ‘We’d like to do another movie,’ I’m sure we’ll all jump at the chance. I miss those guys, and I love making those films. But I just don’t know.”

Fargo writer Noah Hawley is said to be working on a new Star Trek movie, but Pegg said he doesn’t know anything about it. Quentin Tarantino was also rumored to be working on a Star Trek movie, but that doesn’t seem like it’s going forward.

Pegg went on to speak about how the Star Trek series doesn’t have the same level of pull or broad appeal as the Marvel franchise, so a new Star Trek movie would intentionally try to be “more restrained.”

“I think Star Trek is just a little bit more niche, so it isn’t gonna hit those kind of numbers. So yes, the obvious thing to do would be to not go for that massive spectacle, go for something a little bit more restrained in the vein of the original series,” Pegg said. “Yes, that would be a brilliant thing to do, and I’m sure it probably has been discussed… You specialize a little bit more.”

Pegg closed by saying that the future of Star Trek seems brighter on TV than on the big screen. TV shows these days don’t have to have reduced scope, and this could be a good path forward for Star Trek, Pegg said. Not only that, but it would be a return to the franchise’s origins on TV.

“Maybe television is a better format for Star Trek. That’s where it started, you know,” Pegg said.

Star Trek is thriving on TV right now. Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is expected in 2020, and it will be followed by another show called Star Trek: Strange New Worlds that will focus on Captain Christopher Pike, Mr. Spock, and Number One. Star Trek: Picard, meanwhile, is returning for second season. These shows air on CBS All Access, which is operated by GameSpot’s parent company, ViacomCBS.

JJ Abrams rebooted the Star Trek series in 2009, with sequels Into Darkness (2013) and Beyond (2016) following in the years thereafter. The movies feature Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock, and Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura. Karl Urban played the doctor, Bones.

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