'Sister Wives': Did Kody Brown Think Christine Brown Was Bluffing?

Sister Wives fans walked into the season 16 premiere with plenty of information about what is to come. Shortly before TLC released the season premiere, Christine Brown announced her split from Kody Brown. While fans weren’t exactly surprised by the announcement, they are now theorizing that Kody Brown was. During the Nov. 21 episode, Kody seemed to suggest that Christine might have been bluffing about her plan to leave the family and move to Utah. 

‘Sister Wives’ fans think Kody Brown thought Christine Brown was bluffing 

Christine was incredibly clear about her feelings, both in the season 15 finale and during the season 16 premiere of Sister Wives. The mother of six was adamant that she no longer wished to live in Flagstaff, Arizona, and wanted to return to Utah. She also didn’t mince words when she made it clear that she would willingly leave her husband behind to make it happen. While fans aren’t shocked that she did it, the season 16 premiere might hint that Kody was surprised. 

During the premiere episode, Kody discusses Christine’s desire to move with each of his wives. Janelle Brown, Kody’s second wife, threatened to stay behind and leave the family instead of moving. Christine made it clear that she would be moving regardless. In an interview, Kody made it clear that three of his four wives have each “threatened” to leave him more than once. 

The wording of his revelation has some fans convinced that Kody didn’t take Christine seriously. In fact, viewers seem to think Kody thought his third wife was bluffing. He also appeared to take Janelle’s threat more seriously. That is likely because Janelle has left the Brown family before. In the family’s book, Becoming Sister Wives, Janelle revealed that she spent more than a year living apart from the Browns, although she technically didn’t leave Kody. 

‘Sister Wives’ will document the couple’s split 

Season 16 seems to have picked up right where season 15 left off. Based on social media posts and some real estate movements, it looks as though Christine hung around Arizona for several months after proclaiming that she couldn’t “do marriage” with Kody any longer. Based on the assumed timeline, it would seem that the actual split occurred several months after the season 16 footage was filmed. Still, Sister Wives will document the events leading up to the breakup and the real separation. We just don’t know when. 

Christine told fans on Facebook that she would be unable to answer questions about her separation during Live events that she holds for her LuLaRoe business. She revealed that she couldn’t speak about family life because it would make it onto the show. TLC would need at least another season of Sister Wives to get fans up to the present day, though. The network has yet to announce any additional seasons. 

Where is Christine Brown living now?

In October, Christine sold her home in Flagstaff and moved to Utah sometime between the season 15 finale and the season 16 premiere of Sister Wives. Christine appeared to be motivated to move because of her children. Several of Christine’s adult children, along with her one grandchild, call Utah home. 

According to several sources, Christine has settled down in Murray, Utah. Murray is a town of just under 50,000, and Christine already knows a couple of residents. Christine and Kody’s daughter, Aspyn Thompson, currently lives in Murray with her husband, Mitch Thompson. Christine’s  Mykelti Padron, her husband, Tony Padron, and their daughter, Avalon, live just 20 minutes away in Lehi. Her only son, Paedon Brown, also appears to live in the Utah area. 

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