Sister Wives' Janelle Brown moves into a TRAILER after her Arizona rental home is sold amid family's money problems

SISTER Wives star Janelle Brown revealed she’s moved into a trailer as her family’s money troubles continue.

The 52-year-old reality star admitted she was struggling to find a new home after her previous Arizona rental was sold, leading her to a trailer as the best option.

Janelle shared a photo of her new mobile home over the weekend, with the massive white vehicle parked on dirt driveway of the Brown family’s property.

Revealing her life update with fans, she wrote in the caption: “So I have something fun to share. I acted boldly and seized an adventure. 

“…Presenting my new summer adventure – the RV life but camped on our property.”

She explained of her decision: “The rental where I was living was sold and I chose an alternative path to trying to find another rental. 

“Not only is the housing market in Flagstaff as crazy as where you are I’m sure, rentals are even harder to come by.”

Janelle added that there’s “lots to do out here on the land,” so she thought it was the perfect idea to simply forego finding a new rental home and live in a trailer onsite instead.

“Honestly I’m alternating between extreme excitement as I’ve always wanted to try this and anxiety at all the unknown variables,” she admitted to fans. 

She added: “So stay tuned, this is about to get real!”

Fans were very excited and happy for Janelle and her new adventure.

One assured her that “this makes so much sense” and even suggested that “everyone could do this and you would save so much money.”

Another commented: “U got ur dream. U kept saying u would live in an RV”

After a few followers slammed the idea, wondering how bad her financials were that she needed to live in a trailer and if it was going to be hard to do that with such a large family, other fans defended her.

One helpful Instagram user explained: “Doesn’t only like 2 or 3 of them still live with her? 

“Besides, it may be a financial thing, but she has mentioned before she has always wanted to do this.”

Janelle then jumped in to “thank” the defensive fans and explained: “Exactly! It was a choice not a have to.”

Earlier this month, The Sun revealed Janelle's $700,000 rental home already had a buyer, just days after the home was listed for sale.

The ranch house was listed for sale on May 22 for $699,000, and the five-bedroom, three-bathroom home found a buyer quickly, as it boasts many amenities. 

The master bedroom has a private bathroom, while the kitchen has wood cabinets, white countertops and a kitchen island. 

Janelle lived in the home with her children Garrison, 23, Gabe, 19, and Savanah, 16, as her other three children had moved out. 

Kody has yet to begin construction on the $820,000 land they purchased in 2018 called Coyote Pass, according to building permit records. 

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