'SNL': Jason Sudeikis Revives Cool-Guy Joe Biden in Cold Open

Jason Sudeikis revisited his energetic, finger-gunning Joe Biden impression in the SNL cold open this week, joining the current, more subdued Biden (played by new cast member Jason Austin Johnson) for a Ted Lasso-style pep talk. The sketch began with today’s President Biden sitting at the desk in the Oval Office, lamenting his low approval ratings and the flack he’s getting from disgruntled voters. ”I miss the old me,” he says.

That’s when Sudeikis’ old-school Biden crashes through the door in a cloud of smoke, shouting “Hey-oh!” and calling himself the “ghost of Biden past.” When President Biden marvels at Vice-President Biden’s laid-back demeanor, eight-years-ago Biden says he’s got “the easiest gig in the world,” describing the role as equivalent to being “America’s wacky next-door neighbor.” Sudeikis went on to poke fun at the famously touchy Biden’s love of shoulder-rubbing and hair-sniffing, grabbing Johnson from behind as he asks, “What happened to us? We used to be fun!”

Cast member Alex Moffat, who played Biden briefly after Jim Carrey’s short and strange run as the politician, stops by in character too — prompting both Johnson and Sudeikis to dismiss him with quizzical looks. The sketch ended with Sudeikis’ Biden offering some words of wisdom: “I want you to stand tall, I want you to flash those 100-percent natural choppers we got, and remember we may be from different eras, but at the end of the day, we’re Joe freakin’ Biden!”


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