Sport Relief chaos as Gary Lineker and Paddy McGuinness suffer live TV blunders

Sport Relief presenters Paddy McGuinness and Gary Lineker were humiliated by a live TV blunder when their segment completely fell apart.

"It's all gone wrong!" exclaimed Paddy as the duo suffered multiple gaffes all in a row during the show.

The first error took place when Gary failed to read out his lines from the autocue, and so there was an awkward pause while Paddy waited for him to speak.

Eventually, Paddy gave up and started reading the line himself, and then Gary suddenly realised, giggling: "Ah, that's me isnt it!"

"That's you!" agreed Paddy, chuckling as Gary apologised.

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"Don't worry it's not live!" joked Paddy, sarcastically.

They then introduced a skit about VAR, but the wrong clip of Mike Bushell was played, meaning the skit didn't make any sense.

It then suddenly cut back to Gary and Paddy, who looked baffled and suddenly stopped their conversation, realising the camera was on them.

"Well, I think it's fair to say we're all slighty shocked here in the studio," said Gary.

"That was a complete mess up actually, from start to finish. In fact they even rolled the wrong VT as well."

Paddy put his hands up to his head and exclaimed: "Oh my god!"

"It's all gone pear-shaped," wailed Gary.

He then suddenly burst out with "over to you, Alex!" referring to his co host Alex Scott.

But it wasn't her slot either, and she could be heard on her microphone laughing nervously, but the camera didn't cut to her.

"Forget that as well!" said Gary, pointing at the camera.

The presenters were then forced to try again, introducing a different clip of Ben Stokes.

Afterwards, Gary looked sheepish as he explained they would be giving the skit, about retrospective VAR in football, another go.

The former footballer laughed at the irony as the skit was about retrospective action.

This time, the clips of Strictly star Mike played in the correct order.

Viewers were unimpressed at the total blunder.

"It’s pretty difficult to cock up every single autocue but Paddy and Gary have managed it thus far. Car crash TV this #SportRelief2020 #SportRelief " wrote one.

"Bit of a mess there on sport relief" added another.

"What is going on with Sport Relief BBC? Paddy McGuinness/ Gary Lineker reminds me of Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood’s performance at the Brits" joked a third.

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