Susanna Reid tries to calm Piers Morgan down as he shouts over Dr Hilary during coronavirus debate – The Sun

SUSANNA Reid tried to calm Piers Morgan down after he shouted over Dr Hilary during a heated debated about coronavirus on today’s show.

Piers has made no secret of the fact he thinks the UK isn’t acting quickly enough to contain the virus and he continued to make his point clear during the discussion.

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Dr Hilary tried to explain why children were still being sent to school.

He said: "The time to close schools is when we get a hotspot where we know there's a lot of the virus and a lot of infections and it would be sensible to close schools in that particular area. But when we stop testing, we don't know where those hotspots rare."

Not letting him finish, Piers interjected to say that London has “no idea what to do”.

Trying to reason with him, Dr Hilary said: "We will only know which is the correct approach in many months to come…"

But Piers interrupted again and ranted: "We may never know!"

He then continued to discuss his anger over the government’s inaction.

It fell to his co-host Susanna to try and get him to calm down – as she pointed out that he had to respect the medical advice.

During another debate, she told him: “Let’s respect the government’s advice and not just keep shouting!”

He argued: “It’s not shouting, it’s concern.”

As they continued to row, she told him: “Challenging it is fine, but undermining them isn’t.”

Britain’s virus death toll leapt from 21 to 35 yesterday and included Nick Matthews, 59 — the youngest UK victim.

Yesterday the number of cases rose from 1,140 to 1,391.

Those watching at home couldn’t get over how calm she was managing to remain and took to Twitter to comment on it.

One person wrote: “Well done Susanna and Dr Hilary for keeping your cool this morning. Piers Morgan……why do you ask questions and not let the expert answer??? You just talk over them constantly unless they say what you want or hear.   It seems you are trying to scare people further ?? Pouting facePouting face#gmb.”

Another added: “Piers Morgan get a grip and let people finish what they are saying stop over talking them. Totaly rude. Especially to your Co host susanna.”

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