Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slams MTV for firing her and not Amber Portwood over domestic violence arrest – The Sun

JENELLE Evans is slamming MTV for firing her from Teen Mom 2 and keeping Amber Portwood after she was arrested for domestic violence against her baby daddy.

Jenelle, 28, was fired from the series in May 2019 after her husband, David Eason, admitted to shooting and killing the family dog for nipping at their daughter, Ensley.

Jenelle bashed the network and Amber in a YouTube Q&A on Saturday night.

She said: “It bothers me. It’s very unfair. I didn’t really do anything wrong.

“So we’ll leave it at that.”

Jenelle’s husband David was fired a year prior for homophobic comments on social media.

The crew stopped filming in North Carolina because David would threaten to show up and ruin shoots.

David made matters worse by posting his stockpile of guns and ammo on social media.

On Jenelle’s final season, she would FaceTime the crew or travel to different states to film.

She left David in October 2019 and moved to Nashville, Tennessee with Ensley, 3, and her son Kaiser, 5, from a previous relationship. She is also mom to son Jace, 10, who her mom has custody over.

The Sun exclusively reported that leaving David didn’t help her secure a spot on Teen Mom 2.

A source told The Sun: “Her contract is not getting renewed. They don’t want her back.

“She tried setting up a meeting, but they didn’t comply.”

Jenelle also revealed in the YouTube video that she has reconciled with David after months of reconciliation speculation.

She said: “Me and him are deciding to work this out right now. We’re taking it slowly.”

Jenelle continued: “A lot of things have changed. Me and him have decided to try to remain positive no matter what. If we have an issue we need to talk it out.

“We would have disagreements that turned into big arguments… I decided to go back home and work out my relationship. It’s for my family.”

As for Amber, she was arrested on July 5 for domestic abuse against Andrew Glennon.

He claimed she hit him with a shoe while he held their 1-year-old son James and that she tried to break down the door of a locked room they were in with a machete.

Amber accepted a plea deal and is on probation for three years.

After the arrest, Andrew filed for emergency full and legal custody of James.

As part of their court agreement, Andrew has primary custody of James, while they share joint legal custody.

Amber has three unsupervised visits a week with their son.

During the Teen Mom OG premiere last week, fans called for Amber’s firing.

One viewer tweeted: “Think it’s time to fire Amber Portwood. It’s gross that she’s still being paid for this crap.”

A second said: “Amber should’ve been fired just like Jenelle & Farrah. Instead, she’s being treated like a victim.”

A third fired: “Let’s not watch #TeenMomOG as long as Amber is on there.”

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