'Teen Mom': Zach Davis Opened up About Recent Arrest: 'They Were Mistakes I Made in the Past'

Teen Mom OG supporting cast member Zach Davis was arrested following a family vacation in January 2022. While Cheyenne Floyd and her father Kyle initially declined to talk about it, all three opened up about his legal troubles in a YouTube video.

Cheyenne Floyd’s dad discussed Zach Davis’ arrest in a recent YouTube video

Nearly three months after Zach Davis was arrested on outstanding warrants, he, fianceé and Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd, and her father discussed the situation in a YouTube video.

Playing “truth or drink,” Cheyenne read a question from a viewer who asked about Zach’s legal troubles, and the family initially took a shot to avoid having to answer the question.

However, her dad Kyle Floyd began speaking about it, noting, “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.” He also admitted to making changes after turning 18 as he realized he could go to jail.

Therefore, Kyle thinks his soon-to-be son-in-law has noticed where he needs to make changes and is doing so to prevent the same mistakes. Zach agreed, noting his run-ins took place “a while ago.”

Zach opened up about his arrest, noting he made ‘mistakes’

Cheyenne also answered the question, pointing out that she previously ended things with her now-fianceé because she felt he had “potential” but didn’t “apply” himself.

The reality star also believes the father of her son has learned from where he went wrong and felt he could use his platform to help others tempted to go down similar paths.

Zach spoke up again, acknowledging “everything comes with a consequence” but noting “they were mistakes I made in the past.”

He also promised it wouldn’t happen again, pointing out his family and “support system” that he doesn’t want to damage that. Cheyenne also told her followers they were working to create something positive out of his mistakes by possibly getting into mentorship.

He was arrested following a family trip

For New Year’s 2022, Zach, Cheyenne, their son Ace, her daughter with Cory Wharton, four-year-old Ryder, and her nephew Baz vacationed in Mexico. On Jan. 3, the family returned, where Zach was taken into custody as they attempted to pass through customs at the LAX airport.

Police records indicate that law enforcement arrested him on an outstanding warrant for violating probation connecting to prior arrests for crimes including driving under the influence and petty theft. After a booking and brief hold, the Teen Mom OG supporting cast member was released.

Cheyenne affirmed her support for her fianceé and father of her youngest child by uploading a happy birthday post for him shortly after his arrest but didn’t address it. She publicly acknowledged it for the first time during a Jan. 31 episode of her podcast, Think Loud Crew, joking that “life is a WTF moment” for her.

At that time, she and her father opted not to say anything about the arrest, but Cheyenne warned her listeners to “take everything with a grain of salt” and not to “believe everything you read on the internet.” Teen Mom airs on MTV.

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