The Bachelor Finale: Peter Weber Proposes to One Woman After His Other Finalist Leaves Show

WARNING: This post contains spoilers from Monday’s episode of The Bachelor.

The second half of Peter Weber‘s Bachelor finale was one for the books.

Tuesday’s episode picked up in the aftermath of Madison Prewett‘s shocking departure, with the pilot left to decide how to proceed with his other finalist: Hannah Ann Sluss.

After some difficult self-reflection, he finally came to his decision: He was ready to put Madison in the past and focus wholeheartedly on Hannah Ann.

“I’m so incredibly in love with Hannah Ann,” Peter told the cameras. “I am choosing Hannah Ann because I am one hundred percent certain and I want to choose her every single day. She’s honestly the most beautiful spirit I’ve ever met and the most selfless person with the most caring heart. That’s all that I’ve ever wanted.”

Finally, it was proposal day. But just minutes before Peter was preparing to get down on one knee, host Chris Harrison interrupted with some major news: Hannah Ann might not be coming.

“She doesn’t even know if she wants to come here,” an emotional and shocked Peter told producers. “That makes no sense. That’s the last thing I needed to hear right now.”

Though Peter was blindsided and devastated, the tides changed and Weber was told Hannah Ann was on her way.

“Hannah Ann, I remember that very first night,” Peter told her. “When I had to give out that first impression rose there was never a question on who that was going to. All the memories we were able to make, I’ve cherished every ingle moment I’ve be able to spend with you.”

After they sweet speeches, then the moment came for Peter to propose. She accepted, and the newly engaged couple headed off into the sunset.

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It’s not over yet, though — the finale is airing on ABC until 10 p.m. ET, where Peter and both of his finalists will appear live on stage to unpack every twist and turn. Join PEOPLE’s exclusive Facebook group for fans of the franchise to share your thoughts.

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