‘The Bachelor’ Finale Takes Stunning Turn After Warnings From Peter’s Family

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details on the first two hours of ABC’s Season 24 finale of The Bachelor.

Part one of The Bachelor Season 24 finale ended Monday night with tears and a twist few people saw coming.

After one of the most dramatic seasons ever — the two-night finale kicked off with pilot Peter setting off for Alice Springs, Australia to try and decide between Hannah Ann and Madison.

Peter said he was confused and confessed, “I am in love with two different women.”

Hannah Ann quickly won over Peter’s parents, with his mom calling her “loving and caring.” His dad thought she was “remarkable.”

Still undecided, Peter appeared to be leaning toward Madison. Although his mom warned him not to let Hannah Ann get away.

“Hannah Ann loves you with all of her heart,” his mom warned.

Peter’s response: “You guys just don’t know the Maddie I know.” His family wasn’t convinced. But Madison ultimately made the decision for him.

The pair went on a picnic for their final date and Madison dumped him! “I don’t know, we see things so differently,” she explained. At times fighting back tears, she said their relationship really came into focus the last time they saw each other and made her realize they were in different places “when it comes to marriage, when it comes to faith, when it comes to lifestyle.”

They shared one last hug before he put her in an SUV and watched her drive off. On the ride home, she said she knew it was “the right thing to do.”

The next day a devastated Peter got a visit from Chris Harrison and admitted he was heartbroken about Madison leaving. But apparently all wasn’t lost because Peter said he’s still “in love with” Hannah Ann.

The second part of the finale airs tomorrow night on ABC.

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